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Requesting a hysterectomy

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honeysucklejasmine Mon 19-Sep-16 11:47:43

Hi, hoping some of you may have some advice for me.

I am going to start the ball rolling with requesting a hysterectomy. I have endometriosis, have had surgery multiple times and have been told by a leading consultant that I would probably need to have one to be pain free.

Trouble is, I am only 30. I have one dd, dh and i would like another dc, but that's it. We aren't sure on timing of dc#2. Ideally we would like a 2 yr gap, but obviously nature doesn't work that way, and as my periods return and get gradually worse (on cycle 7 post partum now, and it's starting to get a bit unmanageable again now) we may ttc sooner as I can't look after a child whilst on my period.

So, my concern is that I am going to be fobbed off due to my age, or due to it being assumed that I am just a hormonal preggo (when I say "this is my last dc, whip it out please"). So I want to start asking now, get it understood that I really mean it.

However, I know there are lots of different levels of hysterectomy and the old "ovaries in or out" question too, which I am not sure about. I just can't face another 25 years (based on family history) of horrendous periods every 25 days.

So, does anyone have any advice for me? Anything I should definitely mention to the GP? Should I ask to be referred back to consultant now, or wait until dc#2 is here? Would it be possible to do a hysterectomy as part of the delivery of DC2, do you think?

And considering my age, what type of hysterectomy do you advise? I have taken HRT before as part of my treatment for endo so am not scared of it per se, but if there's a way to avoid it, I will.

Thanks for any advice or suggestions.

PollyPerky Mon 19-Sep-16 15:28:20

I'd say the consultant is the way to go and one who is experiences in endo and fertility.

They are the ones to decide which type.

Have you tried posting on forums for women with endo?

If you lose your ovaries you will have to take HRT. Partly as you will most likely feel terrible without it, but even if not, you must use HRT to prevent serious diseases that result from loss of oestrogen at 30 - heart disease and osteoporosis. Any dr would advise that.

honeysucklejasmine Mon 19-Sep-16 18:30:06

Thank you Polly, that's really helpful.

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