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Peri menopause at 38?

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cedricsneer Sat 10-Sep-16 17:27:06

I am a little worried about this as I am very keen for another dc (conceived 3 very easily - youngest is 5). Dh is on the fence so not actively ttc.

So a bit of background; I am 38 (3 weeks ago) and had the copper coil removed 8 weeks ago. I have always suffered slightly wonky periods - never really checked them out except one sonographer didn't think my ovaries looked cysty during an ultrasound (not pregnancy related). I have problems with facial hair though and am overweight.

Having not paid much attention to my cycle - my period was usually very heavy and flooding whilst on cc - I have noticed in the last 6 months that it has become very light and only lasts about 4 days. Previously it could be between anyway from 5-7 pretty heavy days.

I have started charting using opk and cm for the past 4 months and af was coming between 30-32 days. I am now on cycle day 37 - definitely not pregnant (dh is pulling out  and I've done a hpt) so getting a bit anxious this is Peri. My mum started with wonky af at 40-41.

On the plus side I have plenty of fertile cm mid-cycle and have had pretty spot on smiley faces to correspond with this, but I know that I may be producing LH without ovulating.

Does anyone have any wisdom for me? I know I need to get my husband off the fence pdq - I am working on it!

Thank you 

PollyPerky Sun 11-Sep-16 17:47:43

Age of menopause if hereditary though there can be exceptions of course.

Can you ask your GP to refer you to a gynae? There are a lot of issues you're dealing with that are probably beyond the capability of most GPs- ie prem meno, possible PCOS and so on.

You really need a referral to a gynae who specialises in fertility issues- if you can afford private treatment ( consultation) there are plenty of drs who can help but even on the NHS you should be able to get one referral.

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