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Sex and the menopause

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DollyPS Mon 29-Aug-16 18:52:17

Here goes about sex, I wasn't really interested before lilbo had decided to sod of me really upset over it as I'm 50 not bloody dead. This was ongoing for a year to the point we'd have sex once a month. Hubby very understanding thank god.

Well fast forward to 3 months ago and ruddy Nora it returned with a vengeance. I am horny all the time well when he touches me. I want a shag. Hubby was reluctant at first as he no clues what the hell was going on but went with the flow to the point he loves the new me now. I know it'll taper off but relishing this the now. Everywhere I've read has said the opposite. I'll have no sex drive at all.

I have a down side to this emotions I cry and I never used to. Over think everything which is very new and confusing at times.

I have never spoken of my feelings so much in all my life till now. Certainly made very interesting conversations between hubby and I.

Has anyone went through the same or similar at all.

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