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Peri menopause

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loopyloo87 Sat 13-Aug-16 21:49:05

Hi for a while now my periods have been a lot lighter although regular
For the pastyear I've been experiencing terrible headaches every few months they used to be at the back of my head but now at the side and front ... Are headaches common when approaching the menopause ?

Pimmmms Sat 13-Aug-16 21:53:35

Headaches, migraines and all sorts of pain can be. I have been suffering from crippling pain in my lower back, stretching to the front, and my ankles and knees for the last few months, have finally gone onto HRT and just after 5 days I already have a noticeable improvement.

loopyloo87 Sun 14-Aug-16 20:26:31

I haven't had any back or joint pain but the headaches are getting me down they can last 2-3 days but not constantly Nurofen plus gets rid of them but they come back
The pain can be anywhere on my head

hidingwithwine Sun 14-Aug-16 22:37:33

I've just been to Boots today to buy Veganin, which I used to take in my 20's for migraines. I am having a LOT of headaches now, in fact I feel like I'm never completely free of them. I'm almost 46 and have been having the waking at night and a huge night sweat problem which I think contributes to the headaches as u wake up dehydrated. My friend has had a total nightmare with the menopause and migraines which has caused problems with absence from work etc. I used to be plagued with migraines and can't take any hormonal contraception as they don't agree with me either, so I'm panicking that my hormones going awry are going to cause me problems.

Lack of sleep doesn't help with my headaches either. Nor does stress. Oh well....

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