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Is it possible to be in stages of early menopause? (31)

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mangosandlime Mon 11-Jul-16 10:06:28

I came off the pill at 28 to ttc. I never had a period.

3 years later and I am back on the pill, (split with ex and now with new partner).

So i have a monthly bleed. I assumed this meant that all was fine, until I heard that its not necessarily a 'real' period.

I have been seeing an endicronologist who is investigating as my thyroid is all over the place. Over the past few years I have had crazy levels of hyperthyroidism, but early in my 20's i was hypo, so not too sure if this could have effected things and possibly be causing early menopause.

However, my endocrinologist hasn't mention that as of yet.
Progress with endocrinology is slow as I manage to secure about 1 appointment per year. My next one is end of this month, but that has been delayed since the beginning of the year, so may get put back again.

I am so scared as I desperately want a child, but have only been with my partner a short while and although we both want children in the future, he isnt ready to have them with me right this minute

PollyPerky Mon 11-Jul-16 12:13:48

Can your GP refer you to a gynaecologist who specialises in infertility? You need the right sort of tests to show what's going on. It may all be caused by your thyroid issues but something like this usually needs more than one consultant to figure it all out.

Don't waste time and if you can afford it, you could always have an initial private appt with a specialist to speed things up- most could see you in 2-4 weeks- then they can put you on their NHS list for further tests and treatment.

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