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What is the chance of getting pregnant in your mid 50s

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Samcro Mon 04-Jul-16 14:24:30

I very much want to get my coil removed, and then go down the no bc route as i think at 55 the chances of getting pregnant must be nil?
Am i deluded?
The nurse said i have to be a year free of periods, but just when i start counting, it get spotting, so if i go by that and am clear now i have to wit to next april, and i dont want to

PollyPerky Mon 04-Jul-16 15:07:14

Practically zero.
Even if you conceived, the risk of miscarriage is very high at 55.
But if you are still having periods ( ie spotting) then you aren't post meno and you should wait 12 months as the nurse said.
Why is there a rush to get your coil out if you don't have any side effects with it?

Thelastusername Mon 04-Jul-16 15:10:46

Do you think maybe the coil could be causing the spotting?

PollyPerky Mon 04-Jul-16 16:45:59

Just to agree with the PP- periods at 55 are not unheard of but you are getting on a bit....this would be considered a late menopause.
maybe have the coil checked and see if it's causing any issues by being out of position or whatever? I think you maybe ought to ask for a scan or something if you are still bleeding in a few more months or at least a blood test to see if it's hormonal bleeding or maybe something else that needs looking into.

Samcro Mon 04-Jul-16 16:46:11

i havn't had any problems with it for years. but I either have to have it taken out or a new one put in. I find it hurts!! so would rather just leave it.
and yes I would think the spotting is caused by the coil. other pmt stuff doesn't happen now.

Samcro Mon 04-Jul-16 16:47:26

no bleeding since april

mineofuselessinformation Mon 04-Jul-16 16:47:48

Would your surgery be willing to do the blood tests? You could argue that it would be cheaper than a coil! smile

Samcro Mon 04-Jul-16 16:51:55

i might ring and ask once school holidays over. have 8 weeks of the coming up (well sn) college really

PollyPerky Mon 04-Jul-16 17:12:36

Is it a Mirena coil or a copper one?

If it's the Mirena then it's possible that the progestogen in it is causing the spotting- too much progesterone after the menopause can make the womb lining atrophy and bleed. If it's not a Mirena, ignore that!

If you are not having other pmt symptoms I think you should be on the safe side and a) get it removed and b) have some investigations into the bleeding. Any women of 55 who is having 'odd ' bleeding should have a scan to see what's going on.

Cherylene Mon 04-Jul-16 17:22:39

I keep looking at statistics and 59 is the world record for a successful naturally conceived pregnancy.

I can't find anything about miscarriage though. I do know people who tried to conceive in their 40s and had several miscarriages. I have never been able to ask them if they ended up using contraception until their periods stopped though - a bit too personal. Miscarriage statistics tend to be lumped together with over 40s (or over 45 if you are lucky, but still no use).

It is really hard to find the natural conceptions amongst the assisted ones and the ivf ones with donor. The woman who had a son at 59 was on HRT.

PollyPerky Mon 04-Jul-16 17:29:16

LOL- HRT does not help women conceive- Wiki is a bit hopeless at times! There is no way that HRT gives a woman eggs once they have all gone.

Cherylene Mon 04-Jul-16 17:42:27

It was what she thought when she was interviewed ten years later. I doubt anyone seriously looked into how it actually happened as it is such a rare occurrence and there is no way of knowing once it has happened.

I have wondered if cyclical hrt would help as there is usually a lack of a progesterone phase. However, it is more likely a random ovulation where it all worked at the right/wrong time.

There is also a 62 year old who had triplets on that list shock

PollyPerky Mon 04-Jul-16 19:53:27

Cyclical HRT is unlikely to have helped because it causes a 'period' each month. I expect she was just one very unusual woman who had an egg left in her late 50s.

Samcro Mon 04-Jul-16 20:13:26

Thanks for the advice
The spotting has stopped so hopefuly thats it
I have the mirena and the nurse was not at all suprised that i had spotting.
But i have notices that i haventhad pmt, sore boobs
Still have fat week.. Butthink thats just when i over eat lol

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