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Help and guidance needed please

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kec16 Thu 30-Jun-16 12:09:55

Hi all,

I am 29 and currently on prostap (as I have adnoymosis) but my remaining ovary has already started to shrink and making me premenopausal. Obviously now the prostap is back in my system I'm in full blown menopause. I've been on this cycle 4 times already so it shouldn't be such a shock to my body!
But MY GOD this time it's killing me slowly!
I have hrt, but the mood swings, and especially the lack of sex drive are ruining me and my relationship 😔
How do you tell your partner that you are not interested AT ALL no matter how nice the setting is and the effort they've put into making it all pretty and nice.
I can't handle this, I've had the shit news I need my uterus removing, and now my ovary is that small it too the scanner half hour to find it 😔
I have two children from a previous relationship and my partner one from another too.
There is a huge elephant in the room with us and it's not being able to conceive naturally (remaining tube has been burnt:sterilised) and now it's all official. They found the problem that has plagued my body for years and he springs on me he is sad cause we could never have a baby. ( I wasn't really aware of how he felt, I just thought he understood )
Don't get me wrong I would love a child with him. But after 14 years of this nightmare with my body. Enough is enough now!
Im so hormonal I am all over the place.
I just want to break down and cry.
Anybody else feeling like this or have felt this way?! Help!!
Thank you sad from a very menopausal lady!

FrameyMcFrame Thu 30-Jun-16 22:55:43

Sounds like you're having a shit time, if it helps I'm going through the same things though I'm not on any HRT or medication yet due to my blood pressure... Hoping to get that overturned by a consultant soon.

Could you try a different HRT? Some women end up with testosterone for lack of sex drive, prescribed by a consultant.

I found that GPs were shit and I needed to be referred, I had to keep asking.

kec16 Fri 01-Jul-16 10:49:17

Oh, that's helpful thanks. smile I don't know much about what I'm on tbf.
The doc gave me some cream too (to insert up my floo) very attractive and romantic.
I haven't tried it yet but she said sometimes you need both pill and cream.
It feels a bit more invasive then pills.
Best get researching that could have the testosterone I need x

sharon1987 Fri 01-Jul-16 18:49:57

Hi kec16

omg finally I have found someone who feels the same as me.
I had a full hysterectomy with both ovaries removed and my cervix and appendix due to some rare ovarian cancer. I have no interest in my partner anymore
I would really love to speak with you. ..not sure if u can send a private message on email is
Please please email me
I hope to hear from you soon

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