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Do I need more tests before HRT?

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KathyBeale Tue 28-Jun-16 08:44:28

I had blood tests almost exactly a year ago that showed my fsh levels were 60-something. For a year I've been unable to deal with the thought of menopause (I was 41 then, I'm 42 now) but finally I am going to my GP on Thursday to get sorted.

I need HRT I think because I feel awful (though my symptoms come and go - is that normal?!) but emotionally I just hate the thought. Some of my friends are having babies and I'm going on HRT. It feel so wrong. So I wondered (clinging to any bit of hope) if I should have another blood test first just to make sure it is the menopause. Is there anything else that could be causing all this - to put it bluntly - shit?

cassgate Tue 28-Jun-16 21:41:55

I would recommend hrt. I am 45 so a bit older but have had peri memo symptoms since age 39 and my periods became irregular at age 40. Initially, my periods were more frequent (every 18-20 days) but since age 43 I have had long gaps the longest being 6 months. Private gynae confirmed I was likely to have an earlier than average menopause. I gave in 2 months ago and went on hrt mainly because the night sweats and lack of sleep had taken its toll and I felt awful. I feel so much better, I have so much more energy because the sweats are under control. My skin is clear of spots. Definitely give it a go. I am on cyclical hrt so you get a monthly bleed so although not a natural period it makes you feel more normal. Hope this helps.

Artura Wed 29-Jun-16 22:35:51

Hi Kathy,
It depends a bit on what your symptoms are, do you still have periods? Might be worth checking your thyroid if not done already. I'd recommend having a look on before seeing your GP. There have been NICE guidelines on diagnosis and treatment of the menopause fairly recently. If you are still having periods, you still need to use contraception, even with a raised FSH. The combined pill can be used (if you're classified as low risk). Mirena coils (for contraception and womb protection) are great in the perimenopause as you can add extra oestrogen as your symptoms require (maybe an oestrogen gel) as you may vary from week to week.
Good luck and don't worry X

FrameyMcFrame Thu 30-Jun-16 22:59:32

Yes get tested again. Were you tested on or around day 3 of your cycle? If not the results may be misleading as LH and FHS spike at ovulation mid cycle.
If you're still having periods you might be better off going on the pill. This will override your entire cycle thereby avoiding giving you too much of one or another hormone whilst you're still having a cycle.

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