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Hueandcry Mon 27-Jun-16 22:38:05

I'm 48, possibly premenopausal but haven't had regular bleeds for years since endometrial ablation so I don't know for sure. Feeling very hormonal all the time, teary & tired but my main problem is sweating., not just at night. I shower in the morning & by the time I'm dressed for work I feel like I need another shower. Came home from work early today as couldn't stand it any longer & it's not just underarm sweat my whole body is soaking including my underwear. Got a GP appointment next week. Please help me explain how bad this is

Artura Wed 29-Jun-16 22:41:35

That does sound like menopausal sweating, have a chat with your GP, and I def think you could feel better with HRT (your GP can check if this is fine for you to use). There are also treatments for flushing/sweating such as tibolone which is sometimes prescribed as an alternative to HRT. NICE guidelines on the menopause, and are good places to look for advice.

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