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Perimenopause - HRT?

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Verso Sun 26-Jun-16 20:20:53

Hello! I'll be 46 in a couple of weeks and my periods have been all over the place the past couple of years. I'm now going months at a time with nothing, followed by horrendous flooding and cramping. What's getting worse though is the weight gain and hot flushes. I am ballooning. Possibly because I'm on Sertraline and beta blockers for stress/depression? But also the hot flushes are awful. I suddenly feel completely soaked all over my back and front. It's horrible!

Anyway I'm wondering if HRT might be worth considering. Or do you have to have reached menopause to have it prescribed? And tips for managing the flushes would be most appreciated. V embarassing when it happens at work!

JapanNextYear Sun 26-Jun-16 20:51:28

I flooded once and went to GP for HRT. 43 at the time but had been peri for about 5 years.

It took a couple of goes to find hormones that worked for me, I'm actually on the pill as that gives oestrogen and works for me. The hot flushes etc are caused by your oestrogen levels falling.

I also take Agnus castus which helps my moods.

Slummamumma Thu 07-Jul-16 14:58:29

Hi Verso, how did you get on with your GP? I have exactly the same symptoms as you and am 46. I have just had a conversation with my GP who has refused to prescribe them until I am 50. I agree the weight gain and hot flushes are horrendous

PollyPerky Thu 07-Jul-16 16:10:28

Slumma- you either need to challenge your GP by taking along a copy of the NICE menopause guidelines (google- all online) or change your GP.
Sorry but that response is out of order.
NICE recommends HRT for peri meno if women have symptoms.
Waiting till you are 50 makes no sense at all and I cannot see why a dr would say that.

GPs cannot 'refuse' HRT unless they give you sound medical reasons why they are not suitable- such as you having a medical condition that means they are very unsafe. They are supposed to discuss risks and benefits then allow you to decide. Not play God by denying you effective treatment.

Slummamumma Mon 11-Jul-16 14:00:55

Thank you for your response Perky. I was rather surprised, especially as my main reason for the conversation was that my mother, grandmother, etc all have osteoporosis (mother diagnosed at my age. She suggested a bone scan but before she did that she filled out some online questionnaire which cam to the conclusion that I was 2% at risk so said I should raise with her again in 3 years' time. The only questions she asked was about my age, alcohol consumption, do I smoke and about my mother was had she broken her hip? No, but she broke her leg 2 years ago - compound fracture and it is permanently pinned and she has had to stop cycling, just in case she falls off because if she did, she would break more bones! I will make an appointment with another dr smile

KathyBeale Mon 11-Jul-16 14:07:01

I'm 42 and perimenopausal. I've just started taking HRT after having symptoms for about 3 years and it is a revelation. I'm two weeks in and I feel like a different person. I'm shocked and relieved it's worked so fast and so well and now I'm nervous it'll stop working.

I'd definitely go (back) to the GP. If I'd had to wait until I was 50 for help I honestly think I'd have no marriage, no job, my kids would hate me and I might have driven my car into a wall. Good luck!

PollyPerky Mon 11-Jul-16 14:17:29

Slumma Your GP ought to advise a DEXA scan on the basis of your family history ALONE. I score low on the FRAX scale ( which is what she would have used to assess your risk- you can find it online and do it yourself) but was diagnosed with advanced osteopenia at 47. I booked a private scan for myself after a close friend was diagnosed with the same, which worried me. If I'd not had that scan I'd have had full blown osteoporosis in a few years and never known.

I have NO risk factors at all, other than being small framed. I have used exercise, diet and then HRT ( though not prescribed for my bones) to improve my bone density. Please go back and discuss and hopefully get your scan.

Imindet Fri 15-Jul-16 16:15:24

I'm 47 and found myself experiencing hot flashes and lousy sleep...I had a hysterectomy four years ago however they left my ovaries… But I'm thinking I've hit menopause due to my symptoms as of late.
Three weeks ago I went to see my gynecologist and he put me on an estrogen spray to help elevate my symptoms. I can't say as I have noticed much of a difference and am wanting to know if any of you can tell me if I just need to be more patient and let this hormone build up it's levels in my system or should I have seen some improvement by now?

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