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HRT - utrogestan

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googlepoodle Mon 20-Jun-16 16:21:50

I'm on my first month of HRT - estrogel gel, one pump morning and night and then 10-12 days of utrogestan in the second half of month for the progesterone. Feel great so far, no side effects.
I was told that stopping the utrogestan would trigger the bleed but on day 8/9 I began what feels like a normal period. Looking on other forums this doesn't seem anything untoward. But just wondering what is happening in my body as presumably the progesterone hasn't dipped so what is triggering the bleed.
I'm 52 and last period in January. Just curious what is happening, anyone know?

PollyPerky Mon 20-Jun-16 19:38:59

Hi there Two possibilities: first is it's your natural cycle as you are maybe still peri- only 5 months without a period.

Second is this is your bleed because Utrogestan is poorly absorbed; it sometimes drops to a level which promotes a bleed before you get to the end of the 10-12 days. (Are you doing 10, 11 or 12 days?)

I'm afraid I can't predict when my bleed on Utro will start. It can be as early as day 9 or as late as day 12 (I use it for 10-11 days) and if it starts early and I take it for another day or two, the bleed is usually light then picks up once I've completed the course.

This is a different experience to when I used Norethisterone for almost 5 years because then I could almost guarantee the bleed would be 3 or 4 days after the last pill.

Hope this helps- it's nothing to worry over, but you do need to be prepared.

googlepoodle Mon 20-Jun-16 20:33:14

Thanks Polly. I'm doing 12 days. When you say poorly absorbed do you mean the absorption decreases with time? Just trying to understand as I presume if I am not peri then I am not producing my own progesterone. So it's he HRT that is giving me the cycle and the progesterone needs to dip at some point to allow bleed. I find it all fascinating!

PollyPerky Mon 20-Jun-16 20:57:45

'poorly absorbed' means that some of it is lost in digestion and this varies from person to person. Bleeds start (natural periods too) when progesterone levels fall. The cycle with HRT mimics your own cycle, except you use oestrogen daily whereas in a natural pre meno cycle oestrogen peaks at ovulation then drops right back from days 14-28.

I meant that if it's only 5 months since you had period you might get a natural one thrown in for good measure if you ovulate and it overrides your HRT regime. Peri is until you have gone 12 months with no natural period. I've known friends go 11 months with no period then have another one.

HormonalHeap Sun 26-Jun-16 18:45:56

I'm also confused about the absorbance of Utrogestan. My gynae told me to take it 2 hours after food so that's what I do- but then was told by someone on this thread that the opposite is true, and not to take on an empty stomach!

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