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Discharge, linked with peri menopause?

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pollycazalet Wed 08-Jun-16 09:18:34

Hi has anyone had experience of clear odourless discharge? I am getting it really heavily for a couple of days mid cycle - so bad yesterday it soaked through my trousers. Nothing leads me to believe it's an infection - no soreness, itchiness etc and no smell. Am 49, currently having periods regularly, some symptoms of peri menopause like sore breasts, night sweats, difficulty sleeping.

buckingfrolicks Fri 17-Jun-16 23:32:44

yes I had that too for a couple of years, thin odourless fluid just, well, pouring out really. It used to be a real pest - no pale trousers possible, change nickers twice a day, some day I used pant liners.

In the end I went to the STI to get checked, there was nothing wrong at all, so that was a relief (no reason to think otherwise, but I couldn't face the GP and their 'come back in two weeks if it hasn't cleared up...' routine.)

Now I am officially post menopause (yippee) it has gone completely.

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