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Wool/merino etc quilts - do they work

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AnnieNoMouse Mon 06-Jun-16 18:54:24

I'm getting tempted to buy a new quilt to help with night sweats. Do the wool or whatever ones actually work? i have a down/feather one at the moment and sick of the whole push off -pull on routine all night long.

PollyPerky Mon 06-Jun-16 20:41:15

Do you sleep alone or with someone else? Reason for asking is how do they feel? In the summer, when it's very hot, I don't have any duvet- I use a 100% cotton sheet (flat sheet) and add a thin throw if it turns chilly. I use HRT so don't have night sweats but if the house and bedroom gets too hot this (above ) is what works for me.

JapanNextYear Thu 09-Jun-16 11:40:49

I have a wool duvet (a clip together one). It made a huge difference to me, I no longer wake up cold, drenched with sweat and needing to change into pjs or put towels on the bed. I'm still having the occasional night sweat but it doesn't wake me up any more - there's something about the wool that regulates the temperature well.

It was worth every penny in more sleep.

Just using a sheet at the moment though as its uncharacteristically hot up here in the north!

BoreOfWhabylon Thu 09-Jun-16 11:46:50

I have a silk one from soak and sleep - makes a huge difference

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