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Cyclical hrt - prempak c

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cassgate Mon 06-Jun-16 13:50:46

Hi, anyone know what happens if you don't have a withdrawal bleed on this type of hrt. I have now been on it for nearly 5 weeks. It's day 6 of my second pack and I was expecting to have had some type of bleed by now but nothing not even spotting. How long can I leave it before going back to gp. Other than no sign of withdrawal bleed it has worked wonders, no more night sweats and sleeping better. Not pregnant. Thanks.

PollyPerky Mon 06-Jun-16 13:58:40

Don't worry. I think the stats are something like 15% or more of women don't have a bleed (ever) on cyclical HRT. My dr always asks me if I've had a bleed when I see him for check ups and tells me not all women do.
You may well do as you use HRT longer. After only 5 weeks of oestrogen it's likely you don't have enough build up of the lining to come away. Not sure when you are due for a review- 3 months or 6 months? - but just keep track and mention it then.

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