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aching all over

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jojotunny Fri 03-Jun-16 00:49:31

Iv just had my first period in 4months and have had the worst pms ever I'm 47 and have had irregular periods for the past few years , most mornings when I get up I can hardly walk as my legs and upper body are so stiff and painfull could this be related to what I think may be the menopause and is there anything you can take to ease the stiffness

jojotunny Fri 03-Jun-16 03:37:53

Also lm either hypo can't keep still , sleep or shut up talking or can't stay awake for long miserable won't talk to anyone the house is a terrible mess but just keep looking around at it and crying , I go from one extreme to the other which is really hard. On my other half who was told 12months ago he had 3 months to live I'm supposed to be his full time Carer and I'm a terrible one a lot of the time , and that makes me cry too ,
But after 12 months of chemo and all sorts of medication his condition is finally under control the docs think they say the damage to his lungs is irreversible but at least he hasn't got any worse since about 8 months ago but is constantly on an oxygen machine and relays on me for most things I really want to take care of him the very best I can but I'm finding it so difficult because of how I'm feeling , I can't even bring myself to even have a wash some days iv been to the docs so many times iv actually given up going I'm at the end of my tether angry

PollyPerky Fri 03-Jun-16 08:35:49

Sorry you are so unhappy- you've got a huge amount on your plate.

Joint pain and aches are directly related to peri menopause. If you read the NICE guidelines []] and scroll down to point 1.3 you will see a list ofperi symptoms- joint pain is mentioned.

Your GP ought to recognise your symptoms- and what also sounds like depression or being unable to function normally day to day- as a sign of menopause and talk to you about HRT. If you are taking ADs then talk to your dr about stopping because NICE is telling drs not to prescribe ADs for menopausal symptoms (which include moods and feeling low.)

Go back to your dr and talk about menopause and ask for HRT.

PollyPerky Fri 03-Jun-16 08:36:25

NICE guidelines

jojotunny Fri 03-Jun-16 11:23:27

Thank you no I'm not taking ADs I was up until 3 months ago I just stopped taking them as my family said I wasn't very nice , and a bit distance , I was going go bk on them so thanks for telling me otherwise smile

jojotunny Fri 03-Jun-16 11:24:18

Distant that is confused

Cherylene Fri 03-Jun-16 14:38:02

Things I have tried for joint aches:

HRT - some limited success confused. I don't suddenly wake up aching one day. But I am generally achy all the time.

VitD3. I had blood tests for arthritis and was low on this. It made a huge difference after 6 weeks. Only it came back if I stopped taking it. And now it has come back and I am taking it again, but with magnesium as well. Apparently, lacking vit D means you cannot take up magnesium and that causes aches. Still not better sad

Exercise - helps when you are moving!! Need to get back to this. I really liked Contemporary dance as it is more holistic, and fun, but cannot find classes for that now.

Fish oils. Worth a try - nothing to lose there.

Drinking plenty. You get more achy if you don't drink enough - there is something in this as it does seem to help a bit.

Ibuprofen at bedtime when it is bad.

I was trying relaxation at bedtime. I find it very hard to get my muscles to relax as I am always on edge. This seems to make them ache more. I have had limited success with this as once I get everything to relax, it just 'pings' back.

Gin. Doesn't work sad.

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