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when is a period not a period (and agonising leg pain)

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humblesims Wed 25-May-16 13:49:09

I'm new. I'm 50 and for the last two years my periods have gone from regular to irregular to almost non-existent. But I still have random 'periods' where i have all the symptoms of a period but no bleeding or a negligible amount. How do I know if I'm in real menopause? or is it like 'real love' you know it when it happens (lol) Not sure whether to class these as periods or not. Also, I have been experiencing what i laughingly call agonising leg pain for a couple of years now just randomly and inexplicably. It comes and goes out of nowhere. Like my bones are being crushed. Havent seen GP abut that. Feels a bit silly. No hot flushes or major mood swings etc. Did have headaches but GP diagnosed thryoid and pills and headaches ceased. Memory not great and sleep not great but not unmanageble. Am I just sliding into menopause?

PollyPerky Wed 25-May-16 16:35:08

Sounds as if you are the slippery slope- missing periods and less flow are sure signs. Wait for the rest to follow smile

Where is the leg pain> Might it be sciatica?

humblesims Thu 26-May-16 17:30:18

no i dont think its sciatica, it doesnt feel a nerve thing. it feels like a bone in a vice thing. and a bit in the joints. guess i should go to the GP really. smile

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