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menopause - so little information to help us!!

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jemimaP123 Fri 20-May-16 19:41:58

I am a 49 year old mum and have recently suffered a bereavement in the family. I have felt low, tired and foggy-headed to say the least. Really just not myself. Initially I put this down to grief until I started getting weird fluctuations in my body temperature feeling hot when I shouldn't and the occasional night sweats although tbh I have been having them for at least 3 years on and off. I eventually had a blood test via my GP to check hormones. Turns out I am post-menopausal! I didn't know because I have the myrena coil so my periods have stopped. After feeling very weird and OLD, I decided to visit a specialist GP called Dr Stephanie Goodwin. She confirmed via more specific blood tests that I was definitely post-menopausal. She has proscribed me with bioidential hormone replacement which will be monitored to get the dosage right and to see how it affects my well-being and general health. I have never been one to take pills for anything so I approached this with trepidation but I do feel very confident with Dr Goodwin. She has brilliant knowledge on all things menopause related and if you are in a similar situation, check out her website - the menopause, or

I think it is so hard to know the right course of action as we are given such confusing information about HRT and the menopause. I am on a journey here with this form of HRT but take a look at the website as it gives very good information on a subject that there is very little known about or discussed when it really should be!

Good luck ladies!

PollyPerky Fri 20-May-16 22:51:41

Pleased you are getting sorted, but there is no need to see someone privately for bio identical HRT- 99% of HRT is bio identical and is available on the NHS- as pills, patches and gel.

There is masses of information on the website Menopause Matters which you might find useful to read.

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