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early menopause?

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Wearegoingtobedlehem Fri 20-May-16 15:24:26

Hi, I'm 36 and yesterday - following on from 2 blood tests was told that I am likely to be post menopausal. In 2013 I had really frequent periods- up to 3 a month, and sometimes bleeding for 3 weeks straight. Went to gp who put me on the pill. 7 months ago I stopped taking the pill ( mainly out of curiosity to see what my body would do). I've had one period since.

I also have a lot of pelvic and back pain- with semi frequent constipation. I am wondering if I should ask for further investigations- or accept that this is the menopause?

It's all a bit odd

Any replies/experiences etc will be very much appreciated.

Out2pasture Fri 20-May-16 15:33:54

I would ask for a specialist consult with a gynaecologist.
If you have had a period, you are unlikely to be POST menopausal but you may be PRE menopausal.
I'm not familiar with pelvic,back pain and constipation being signs of menopause.

PollyPerky Fri 20-May-16 16:15:41

Sorry you are going through this.

Your GP ought to refer you to a gynae and if they won't , ask,

Premature menopause is quite a serious condition because you are at a higher risk for many diseases later in life- osteoporosis, heart disease and Parkinsons.

The normal treatment is either the Pill or HRT to put back the oestrogen you are missing. You should also insist on a DEXA (bone density) scan to check your spine and hips. Some women with very irregular periods or lack of periods can develop osteoporosis early on.

You should also have other tests to rule things out.

iamemzies Tue 14-Jun-16 15:54:10


I've just turned 37 and I went to my doctors and had blood tests because for over the last 5 years, my body has gradually been winding down (irregular periods of menstruation, hot flush here and there, night sweats etc) and after doing some research online I came across peri-menopausal. The doctor referred me to have blood tests so that they could test my FSH and oestrogen levels. Today I went to discuss the results with the doctor who confirmed that my FSH levels were really high and my oestrogen levels were pretty normal and that indicated that yes I was indeed in the stages of menopause.

My doctor has referred me to a specialist hospital so that I can discuss HRT options and know what exactly I can and can't do. I have one friend who is going through similar however she is in her mid 40s and she has had emotional symptons for a while so it's not a huge shock to her however for me, i'm young, no children and didnt expect for this to happen to me in my 30s so there's a lot for me to take in. However, my body is doing its thing and i have to accept that, and i'm trying to focus on getting all of the information together and seeing the right people to treat me so that i can make an informed choice about the actual HRT treatment. There are different options (tablets, creams, inplant etc) and i am looking to finding more out about them so I can move forward with it.

Lilyrae08 Sat 09-Jul-16 21:36:30

Hi I'm 36 and for the past few month I have suffered from vaginsl dryness, headache,tiredness,sweating. I'm on the microgynon pill but how I used to bleed after 3 days of ending pill now it prob day 5and hardly any blood in fact it's black and not very much ( this month I used 3 tampons as once I changed one I wouldn't need one for a few hours as was hardly anything on there) my mind running away with me please I would love some advise xxxx

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