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Anyone having an easy menopause?

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pearlylum Mon 16-May-16 18:14:06

OK maybe I shouldn't count my chickens, but so far so good. I was dreading it, but none of all the horrible stuff that I was expecting.

I am 54, periods were regular as clockwork and light to mid flow, easy really. Then they stopped 8 months ago. That was it. I feel fine, no mood swings or weight change, I feel well, no sleep disturbance, no hot flashes. I feel exactly as I did a year ago, except no periods.
Is it normal to have such an abrupt stop with no bad symptoms?

ThroughThickAndThin01 Mon 16-May-16 18:26:08

I'm very hapoy with the way mine has gone I have to say.

I've had the sweats <lovely>, but nothing I can't handle. My mood has been fine. No swings, no depression. A bit more anxiety possibly.

I've had some aches and pains

But that's it! Very happy.

calisha Mon 16-May-16 19:01:27

At 54 and no periods for 10 months I have around half a dozen hot flushes a day (they are not a problem- just get a bit hot +/- a mild swear that resolves in a minute or two - more a curiosity really) Nothing else to report....However I have deliberately and dramatically upped my exercise/fitness levels and eat a mega healthy diet so not sure if that's offsetting the worst of what might be or I might just be lucky. I didn't really suffer from painful periods or much PMT back in the day - so wonder if that's related?

pearlylum Mon 16-May-16 19:07:09

Could be related. I have exercised regularly for the past 15 years and I eat a healthy diet. I haven't suffered from painful periods or PMT either.

PollyPerky Mon 16-May-16 20:01:45

It varies hugely. Flushes, mood swings and sweats are short term / early symptoms. Longer term, loss of oestrogen can cause bladder problems, osteoporosis, vaginal dryness and more lovely things!

8 months without a period isn't quite out of the woods- you might have a period right up to 11 months after the last one and at the moment your hormones may not have fully fallen- this can take 2 years. I didn't have any symptoms either until my final period at 53-ish then the odd hot flush became an hourly one and insomnia set in.

lljkk Wed 18-May-16 19:22:10

I'm 48 & there's nothing to report.
I still get periods but I don't keep track how often, they seem about the same as ever.
I know a lot of women who struggled with 'The Change' for 6-9 months so I'm expecting something.
I've probably had something like sudden hot spells my whole life, anyway. More of them sounds great since I'm often too cold.

glassgarden Thu 19-May-16 15:25:13

51 and about 2 years post meno, I had some flushes and problems sleeping during the first year, all easing off now
I'm very health conscious, like to think it's helped but I cant know for sure.

It's just so great not to have periods anymore grin

tass1960 Thu 26-May-16 20:41:52

I'm 55 with no period for more than 2 years - was happy with how it was going until the vaginal dryness, zero libido and dreadful memory kicked in - now not so happy and considering HRT. Just waiting for some breast issues to settle before getting started.

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Sun 29-May-16 13:14:45

Go and get some Vagifem ( why did they call it that!!) will help the dryness and any soreness, don't leave it as it will progress. Will not help libido though, think Testosterone is needed for that.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sun 29-May-16 13:19:31

I had no period for 8 months and now am back to every month and after months of light ones I have just had one from hell.

Don't count your chickens just yetwink

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