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Cyclo-progynova - HRT advice

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polaroids Sat 14-May-16 19:49:37

Hello all

I've been taking this form of HRT for about 5 years. I'm 49. I tried patches prior to the cyclo-progynova but was allergic to the adhesive so had to stop even though the particular formulation worked very well.

Originally came to this board because I was been wondering at what point you come off HRT and how to make that decision - but from a quick look around I now realise that this form of HRT is quite unusual as it involves a one week break (and during that time I quite quickly get some of the original symptoms that led me to HRT in the first place - esp anxiety, flushes and sleep problems).

So, I'm wondering now both about people's views about when to stop, and about whether there are other types of HRT out there that might be worth switching to so that I avoid the problems I encounter during the week break? Would it be fair to say that if I'm still having those kinds of problems it's probably too early to stop (that's how I'd been thinking about it anyway)?

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