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Sex drive ,

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Howes68 Thu 12-May-16 13:00:35

I feel so unhappy , I have been on HRT for four years now , I am turning 48 in June this year , my main problem is that my sex drive has gone , nothing , I have been to the doctors they are no help , this problem is now over 3 years , my heart breaks for my partner , I miss the sexual side , I just don't know what to do , anyone else had this problem , any tips or advice would be great

Savagebeauty Thu 12-May-16 13:06:10

Go to a different doctor or a menopause clinic. Dont be fobbed off.
Which one are you on?

Howes68 Thu 12-May-16 13:29:25

Hello I am on Elleste Duet 2mg

whatevva Thu 12-May-16 13:41:14

You could try a transdermal hrt (patch or gel + utrogestan). This does not go through the liver.

When you take tablets, the oestrogen absorbed in your intestine goes through your liver first, and you produce more of a substance called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. This carries the hormones through the blood. For some reason, it binds to the testosterone in your blood in preference to the oestrogen and hangs on to it, reducing your libido.

It might not work, but it is worth a try.

Also, if you have any Atrophic Vaginitis symptoms, this does not help and you might need to try a local oestrogen like gynest or vagifem in addition.

If your GP is not helpful, ask to be referred to a clinic.

Howes68 Thu 12-May-16 13:50:04

Wow thank you , stupid question to try what you have mentioned do I go back to the docs for these ???

Cunties Thu 12-May-16 13:55:36

I had this problem so went private to a gynae and hit myself some testosterone. I use a pea sized blob everyday and lets just say winkshockblush

I did ask gp but it turns out only consultants can prescribe it for women as its 'off license' but now I've had to pay for the initial script my gp will prescribe it next time on nhs because the consultant has written to him.

whatevva Thu 12-May-16 13:59:38

Yes - you will have to go back and ask for it. GPs do not have a great deal of time and may not be clued up in everything available, so you need to do your research. Many start you on something like Elleste to see how it goes, then change it if there are any problems.

This may help you:

Sometimes it is worth taking along a list and some information with you - it depends on your doctor.

Savagebeauty Thu 12-May-16 15:46:41

I'm on Elleste duet and am rampant smile
But wasn't on the conti which didn't suit at all.
Hope you get sorted OP.

Laska5772 Thu 12-May-16 18:53:23

this website might also be helpful

Howes68 Thu 12-May-16 20:21:19

Thank you one and all for your help

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