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jeniz Wed 11-May-16 13:37:25

Hi I thought it would be nice to have a good post
I'm post meno my periods stopped about two years ago.
I then started having hot sweats aching all over fatigue.
I tried about four different hrts over about a year, although they stopped the hot sweats I felt terrible specially during the second stage tablets of the month .
I stopped hrt last July and tried anti depressants all they done was made me put on weight.
About two months ago I started taking sjw and kalms to help me sleep,I did sleep but was still having hot sweats and achy joints.
I then read on menopause matters that someone was taking boron supplement for achy joints and it had stopped her hot flushes so brought some to try.
Well I'm happy to say the hot sweats stopped after about 3 days and now after being on it a month I hardly ache at all , I've got my energy back no longer falling asleep in the after.
So if anyone doesn't want or can't take hrt it's worth a try.
I brought it off Amazon boron 6mg
Not expensive either.

Thankfulforeveryday Wed 11-May-16 15:09:34

I think I may try this, my night sweats are getting worse. Thank you for the advice!

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