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Hair Loss

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whatithink Fri 29-Apr-16 11:58:00

I am 51 and starting to have peri menopause symptoms. I also have hair loss. Googling it I seem to have the male pattern one, I have a small bald patch right in the middle of my scalp at the front as apposed to general all over thinning. The rest of my hair is ok. Has anyone any experience of this type of hair loss? Does it grow back or just get worse, is there anything I can do?
Thank you

PollyPerky Fri 29-Apr-16 12:22:02

Really hard to say. You are losing oestrogen so your testosterone (women have it too!) may be taking over in comparison.
It might settle down but evidently after the menopause hair is finer in all women (unless using HRT I assume) but there could also be other reasons. Low thyroid is one reason so maybe see your GP and have a blood test?
If you feel like using HRT for your other symptoms that may help, but I'd maybe think about seeing a tricologist. Philip KIngsley has info on his website about female / male pattern hair loss- might be worth a read.

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