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Advice please

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muchlove Tue 26-Apr-16 10:22:46

Hi All ......I wonder if you knowledgeable ladies can help me .....I am 50 and had Mirena fitted 3 months ago....i do still have cycles (well I was albeit maybe three regulars couple of missed months then back to regular)....but since having the coil fitted I don't know if I am still having a cycle.???? Anyway 4weeks after fitting I had terrible night sweats and anxiety and even more painful ran to the GP and asked for Oestragel which she finally gave in and gave to me ......started on the lowest dose 1pump BUT it wasn't alleviating symptoms, so after 2weeks upped to 2pumps .... 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening which has been more suitable and though I haven't felt miraculous (i know its not a miracle cure) I do definitely feel a lot better....I think just getting some sleep helps....Well for the last couple of days I have started to get signs of leading up to ovulate ?? Wetness, clear stretchy mucous and twinges low down right side.....Can this happen whilst on Mirena ?? Anyway what if I am producing/have awoken my own oestrogen receptors ?? Should I lower the dose ?
I guess my question is as I am new to this how will i know if I go into Oestrogen Dominance ? What are the signs to look for.....I am prone to fibroids aswell.......
Its just I don't want this to start going wrong for me as I have felt a lot better these last 4weeks.....
Also can I ask How on Earth will the gel work if I go on hols when I have to apply suncream ?!?! I have been applying to my inner thighs.....will have to wait an hour for gel to work before applying suncream.....oh gawd its all a blooming kerfuffle isn't it ????
Thanks for listening
M xx

PollyPerky Tue 26-Apr-16 11:45:48

Hi there
Try to answer your questions in some sort of order (I use Oestrogel too)

1 The Mirena won't always stop you ovulating. It works by stopping the lining building up, preventing a bleed, but won't always stop you ovulating. Did you have it fitted for birth control or heavy periods?

2 HRT can't 'wake up' your ovaries. When all the eggs are gone, they are gone sad Unless you've not had a natural period for over 12 months then you are still in peri and can still ovulate, even with long gaps between cycles.

3 Using oestrogen ( gel, patches, pills) may well increase vaginal mucus- that's a good thing, not bad. It stops your fanjo drying up !

4 There is no such thing as 'oestrogen dominance'- that was something made up by someone who wanted to sell progesterone cream (which doesn't work anyway). Meno symptoms are caused by low oestrogen .

The normal dose for gel is 2 pumps. You can increase to 4 a day until you get symptom control.

Not sure why your Gp felt she was 'giving in' by letting you have the right treatment?. Mirena plus gel is considered the gold standard by many gynaes so she's out of touch.

Applying the gel- you can apply to either your upper arms and shoulders or thighs (the leaflet in the pack shows areas of application) and tells you to avoid using anything on the skin for 1 hour afterwards, or washing.

Maybe for the times when you need sunscreen you could apply it at bedtime only ?

muchlove Tue 26-Apr-16 23:07:46

Thanks so much for your reply PP....I really appreciate it...yes I had coil fitted for heavy bleeds......sometimes it feels like you're all alone on this journey....but I guess thats because everybodys journey is tailor-made for them....Most of the info I have accumulated has come from this forum and MMatters.....without you all I would have been have been a godsend

M xx

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