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42 and high FSH. HRT or not

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peppajay Wed 20-Apr-16 18:27:30

I am 42 and my periods started getting irregular about 3 yrs ago. I now bleed roughly once every 9-12 weeks and my periods are no way as heavy as they were. I have had 2 blood tests and both have come back with high levels of FSH so have been told I am peri menopausal. According to my GP as I am under 45 I should consider HRT as bone and heart protection. Ladies at work are saying stay away it is evil stuff. As I am relatively young for menopause none of my friends have gone through it yet so not sure whether to go for HRT or not. So many mixed opinions on internet and even from doctors!!!! Any advice from anyone around my age on what to do for the best.

PollyPerky Wed 20-Apr-16 18:59:29

The ladies at work know nothingsmile
Seriously- it's a no brainer. Your GP is right.
Taking HRT now up to the age of 52 is NOT a risk. This is described in the latest NICE guidelines on menopause. Using HRT now only replaces what you ought to have to the age of the average menopause- 52.

Here are some useful links.

You don't have premature meno but you do have early meno ( between 40-45) and the advice is the same.

This is a blog post on the Home page from Dr Currie.

chrismartinsfuturewife Mon 09-May-16 22:54:43

Hi your story is so similar to mine. Same age and symptoms. Doctor is keen for me to go on HRT due to my age. Apart from the high FSH and very irregular periods that's about it. No hot flushes etc. I came away from appointment thinking why would I go on HRT since Im coping very well at the moment. But in reality I'm shattered, memory is shocking so maybe it's time for HRT? I'm so confused. Doctor has suggested that I go on HRT until im 50 and then come off it. My main concern is how will I feel then and how will my body cope? Also she said due to my age, the type of HRT I would need to take would give me monthly periods ??? Doctor was very very positive about HRT. Let me know how you are getting on

PollyPerky Tue 10-May-16 08:44:04

You need the longer term protective benefits of HRT- for your bones and heart. It's a no-brainer- it's standard treatment. For women in their 40s then HRT mimics a natural cycle, so you'd have a monthly bleed.
You don't have to come off HRT ever. Read the NICE guidelines and the statements by the British Menopause Society, saying this. You can stay on it for life as long as your dr explains the small risks, and you accept them, and want to carry on. The only reason to stop is if you want to or your health means it's very dangerous for you to carry on.

chrismartinsfuturewife Tue 24-May-16 19:13:20

Hi Polly thank you for your advice. I've been back to the doctors (telephone appointment ) and I've decided to go on HRT. Need to see nurse for blood pressure check before I can pick up prescription. I've decided on patches. Not sure what to expect but know it's the way forward. .....

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