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Bio identical hrt and prescription in Republic of Ireland

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Dorje Wed 20-Apr-16 01:46:57

I've a question for anyone who might know... is bio identical hrt made from herbal remedies like yam and soya, or it is a pharmaceutical product? Which is best? Not sure I'm keen to have a herbal remedy, but can't find anything except herbal bio identical hrt is available in Ireland.

Looking for recommendations for where I can be prescribed non herbal bio identical hrt prescriptions, like oestrogen gel, in Ireland. The only preparation of hrt is systemic pills, or yam based creams from 'alternative' (and expensive private) clinics, like Gluck. Has anyone had a perscription for non herbal bio identical hrt in Ireland?

My GP says that oestrogen gel isn't available for perscription here, that the IMB hasn't approved it, and am wondering if any Irish women have got around that? Is there a gynae consultant who can circumvent the Irish medical board rules by having a clinic based in the uk as well as the ROI? Or did you have to go and get a perscription in the uk?

Fwiw, I'm 48 have about a hot flash every 20 minutes or so, could nap for the EU and am snappy as hell, bones and joints ache. Gone off exercise completely except walking as I don't seem to recover: just exhausted.
I've anovulatory cycles, mild spotting and alternating with heavy clotty periods, getting less regular.

I have got an on and off again ovarian and also uterine fluid filled cysts as well, and acne just to add to the fun. I'm oestrogen dominant and felt absolutely fantastic when I was pregnant. I build muscle quickly so know I have higher end of testosterone, but that seems to be going down and find it more difficult to look toned. I am getting more of a tummy. All bloods came back normal for thyroid. I have a healthy diet.

Any advice?
Is real bio identical HRT a pharmaceutical product and the herbal stuff just quackery?
Any Irish women out there who have managed to side step the ridiculous rules and get a perscription?

PMs welcome.

TIA brew if you've read so far!

PollyPerky Wed 20-Apr-16 08:59:20

Products like Oestrogel and oestrogen tablets that are not made from horse urine (those are the ones that begin with the letters Pre - Premarin) are 'bio identical' though my consultant prefers to call them 'body identical; meaning that the molecular structure is the same as the hormone we produce.

They are prescription products. I have no idea what they are made from but it's not horse's urine. I think they are derived from plants, but that doesn't mean they are 'herbal'. Some of the most powerful drugs for cancer are made from plants (eg yew) but no one would call them herbal medicine.

I have no idea what's available in the Repub Ireland but presume your GP could write a private prescription for Oestrogel? It's not much more expensive to buy than if you paid the prescription charge (again, not sure what the system is where you live) but I pay around £10 for a month's supply on private prescriptions.

One other option is to - if you can- pop over to the UK, see a private gynae and then get them to send you prescriptions if that might work?

I'm going to PM you.

Dorje Wed 20-Apr-16 10:49:13

Thanks for your reply polly.
And for your PM.

Everyone pays privately in the ROI unless they qualify for free medical treatment based on income.
I pay my GP 70€/ that's 50£ for a visit and also pay for my prescriptions, so it all adds up.
The thing is that my GP isn't able by law to prescribe oestrogen gel as it isn't approved for use in the south, so money for an appointment or paying for a prescription isn't the issue.

The standard of care between public and private care is identical, and the prescription rights and restrictions are universally applied and governed by the Irish medical board.
AFAIK, only HRTs available in Ireland are systemic tables.

If there are any Irish women on hrt gel please can you let me know how you got it prescribed in the south? Is there a consultant who has a clinic in the uk and in the ROI who would be able to write me a script 'from the U.K.' having seen me in the ROI.? I suppose I'm looking for a work around that's legal and ethical.

I know Gluck has a clinic up in Dublin, but is she a doctor or a quack? It's hard to find out. 300€ plus seems a lot to pay for initial appointments and yet more €€ for saliva tests for potentially a load of woo and yam cream.
Is the yam cream actually the bio identical oestrogen? Isn't that just black cohosh?

It's blardy ridiculous that we have to go all cloak and dagger with this, but it's not the only medical treatment we have an "Irish solution" for, eh? <let's not go there>
And of course, anything "women's troubles" related, is taboo to talk about, so it's even more shrouded in mystery.

PMs welcome if your don't want to get someone in hot water, or stay confidential.

star TIA wise mumsnetters

Dorje Sat 23-Apr-16 00:25:20

Any one from Ireland here with any info? flowers

Dorje Mon 25-Apr-16 23:53:59


any one here from Ireland who is on bio identical hrt?

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