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Emotional ups and downs of menopause

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ramblingroses Wed 13-Apr-16 10:14:31


I finally worked out I had menopause, confirmed by the doctor at Christmas time but belatedly worked out I had symptoms since July last year. What struck me first was being gripped by feelings I didn't normally have. A real fear something awful was going to happen. Emptiness for no reason. Despondency. Sadness. But some days infectious enthusiasm, funny and positive.

Because many other symptoms developed such as sore legs, flushes, awake half the night, I was put on a low dose of HRT which has worked really well for everything except for this emotional see-saw.

If I walk every day, sleep 8 hours and surround myself with people, I'm pretty much fine. I don't much enjoy being at home alone, something I used to love (pottering around, lost in my own thoughts etc).

However, I can't always squeeze in a walk, I have young children and would like to feel happier and more 'even'.

I wondered what other people found had worked for them in trying to stop the 'wobbles'.

Many thanks.

Rambling Roses

PollyPerky Wed 13-Apr-16 10:32:05

TBH the easiest and most likely solution is to increase the dose of your HRT. Drs know very little on the whole about HRT and if they are intent on sticking to the 'lowest dose for the least time' regime which has now gone out of the window, all you may need is more oestrogen.
If you are on 1mg then maybe increasing to 2 mgs will work better? What are you using?

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