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Femeston 2/10

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sophster10 Wed 06-Apr-16 10:48:23

I am 45 in early menopause and have been taking femeston 2/10 for 8 months has changed my life and I feel great but recently my bleeds have been irregular but to be honest I haven't been taking my tablet at the same time every Saturday I forgot to take it at 7 and ended up taking It at 1 in the morning. Is this causing irregular bleeding? Any help would be so appreciated as I'm new to all this! Many thanks!

PollyPerky Wed 06-Apr-16 10:51:37

No it won't make any difference. Unless you had a gap of several days, a few hours won't make any difference. At 45 you are still peri , probably, so it will be your own hormones kicking in that's why the bleeding is irregular.

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