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Menopause help

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Muppet70 Fri 01-Apr-16 10:11:56

At the age of 38 my periods started messing about, I know I was young but I knew it was the start (there are 6 women in my family of which four have had hysterectomies) the two that haven't are myself and my Nan who is 93. I went to the Drs and all they said is that I was too young. Returned to the Drs years later and still no help I might add they were both male. Today I have an appointment with a female Dr and I am hoping to be able to get some help from her, I am almost 46, so I think suffering for 8 years is far too long. My periods stopped for 17 months and then returned for a few months, I have now been period free for 142 days. The night sweats are getting worse, I have no motivation what so ever and I'm fat something I have never been. I would like to try HRT patches, so fingers crossed. My libido is dead and buried. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

KilburnOriginal Fri 01-Apr-16 11:17:51

I would say that as long as there are no medical reasons you cant have them (family history of breast cancer of heart disease), then there is no reason why you should not be allowed to try HRT.
I started the patches 3 weeks ago , Evorel Sequi, so far so good, the night sweats and hot flushes are gone, sleep is better, I no longer have murderous thoughts!.
Good luck, I hope you get the help you are seeking.


PollyPerky Fri 01-Apr-16 11:53:25

It's actually really important that at 45 with a 17-month gap in your cycles and now another gap of a few months, that your GP seriously considers you for HRT. Not only for the short term symptoms, but for long term risk of osteoporosis. NICE recommended in Nov 2015 that all women with menopause before 45 should use HRT at least to age 52. if your GP doesn't know this, you will have to tell them!

Muppet70 Fri 01-Apr-16 13:30:15

Thank you ladies, well she said that I can have it, but then I mentioned that about once a year I have a migraine which I get numbness with (As soon as the blurred vision starts I take pills and catch it in time) so I cant have it!!! I have now been prescribed Fluoxetine (for depression which I do not have) she said it should help with the flushes, and guess what a side effect of taking them can cause flushes!!! I don't think I will bother with them, they take weeks to take effect so I don't see the point. Ahh well back to been a boiled sweaty woman!

PollyPerky Fri 01-Apr-16 14:07:23

No- back pronto to see another GP who knows what they are talking about!!!!

Migraine is NOT a reason to avoid HRT-it's not contraindicated.

I have had migraine since I was about 13. Have now been on HRT from a Harley St gynae for 7 years. According to him, migraine can get better with HRT in some women.

Using transdermal HRT does not affect migraine.

Also your GP has not taken on board your real risk of osteoporosis. Please don't give up- see someone who knows what they are doing re. HRT and menopause.

Muppet70 Fri 01-Apr-16 14:44:28

Thanks PollyPerky. This is the second Dr to tell me this. She offered for me to see a gyno but once I said about taking the AD's she never mentioned this again. I will see what I can do.

PollyPerky Fri 01-Apr-16 15:33:03

Muppet- sending you a PM.

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