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No withdrawal bleed - yay or boo?

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OneMoreForExtra Wed 23-Mar-16 19:19:52

Help me, wise ones. I'm coming up to a year HRT. The first 3 months were ticketyboo, then I missed my withdrawal bleed for 3 in a row. My GP said my residual ovarian function might have declined and switched me to a stronger pill, which restored the bleed (to the 3rd week in the month, weirdly) for 2 months, but for the last 2 there's been no sign. Not sure whether I should celebrate unsmudged knickers or pursue an explanation. Anything to worry about here?

PollyPerky Wed 23-Mar-16 19:50:02

Evidently some women on sequential HRT do not have withdrawal bleeds. When I see my consultant every 6 months he always asks if I am bleeding and says not all women do.

Why would your GP give you more oestrogen to promote a bleed?

It's quite possible that the combo of oestrogen and progestogens are keeping the lining thin and a bleed isn't going to happen. I'd not worry as long as you feel well!

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