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Mirena coil and menopause

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Calel Tue 22-Mar-16 10:55:06

I am 60 and not past the menopause, I have been on the Mirena coil for 16 years and am wondering how I will know when I have passed the menopause. I had an investigation and biopsy to rule out endometrial cancer in December, the diagnosis showed that I was still menstruating but have been suffering from depression and anxiety for about 12 months now, anti depressants are not helping. I am getting itchy skin and 'down there plus going to the loo more often, all of which are listed as symptoms but, without having had a period for 16 years, how can I find out? GP not much help. Has anyone else experienced this?

PollyPerky Tue 22-Mar-16 12:25:30

What symptoms did you have that meant you had to have the biopsy?

If you aren't bleeding why the biopsy? I think if I were you, I'd really question the diagnosis that you are still 'fertile', because all your symptoms - itchy and passing water more often- are signs of menopause and low oestrogen. (As may well be the depression.)

The endometrium undergoes changes each month from a proliferative to a secretory phase- ie before and after ovulation. Was it explained to you what your biopsy showed to confirm you are still ovulating? That's almost unheard of at 60.

Local oestrogen - cream or tiny pessaries- will sort out the vaginal atrophy and bladder issues.

Calel Tue 22-Mar-16 13:23:53

Hi PollyPerky. Thanks for your quick post. I had had the mirena fitted for 6+ years in November and started spotting. I went to the GP to have it changed as it is only effective for 5 years and was referred for urgent investigation for endometrial cancer. The diagnosis was adenometriosis (endometrial material in the muscle layer of the womb). This means that, in November/December I was still fertile, I believe, and another Mirena was fitted during the investigation. I had it fitted initially because of heavy periods with intermittent spotting following an investigation for endometrial cancer.

PollyPerky Tue 22-Mar-16 13:40:04

I know a bit about this because of my own experiences. Please feel free to Pm me if you want to. I've had 2 biopsies and a hysteroscopy and have evidence of adeno shown on scans.

The reason you started spotting was - we assume!- because the hormones in the mirena had run out after 6 years. Your GP was being very cautious with the biopsy (IMO) because spotting around menopause is normal and anyone with the Mirena is unlikely to ever have endo cancer because it keeps the lining from building up. Endo cancer starts from uncontrolled growth of the lining.
You can have scars of adeno - old lesions- which may be what was found. I was scanned often for various reasons over 8 years and only at the last scan did the radiographer say he could see some evidence of adeno ( 8 years post meno.)

The rule with spotting is investigate it if it's post meno and if nothing is found then it's likely to be hormonal.

I think if I were you I'd be asking of the images showing adeno were showing active adeno or old lesions /scars. I suspect they can't tell! So you may well be over the menopause and that's why you hae symptoms. The other thing is that having a Mirena alone (post menopause) can actually cause spotting because sometimes too much progestogen without any oestrogen means the endometrium atorphies and bleeds. So you end up with spotting!

I'd go back and ask lots of questions.

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