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How do you know if your symptoms are the menopause?

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KathyBeale Tue 08-Mar-16 10:58:32

Last summer my GP told me I was menopausal - I had FSH of 65 and I was 41 then (I'm 42 now). I was devastated but that same week my mum had to have a serious operation and I didn't really have the headspace to deal with it all. My GP wasn't remotely bothered by my blood test results and just told me to take some vitamins. He said I wasn't too young for the menopause even though my mum was 54 when she had hers.

But, I've been really struggling to cope with life. I feel completely overwhelmed by work and kids and trying to lose weight. I'm very anxious, tearful, sometimes angry. I'm drowning and I don't feel like myself. I'm normally very outgoing and 'up' and my friend the other day said I'd lost my bubble! She meant I wasn't bubbly like normal I think (I actually hate when people are described as bubbly but that's beside the point!) but I quite like the description. I do feel like I've lost my bubble.

I've finally made an appointment to see a different GP later this month but I'm not sure what to say because all my symptoms seem to be in my head rather than physical. I don't have hot flushes. I'm very occasionally too hot in bed, and I have about two periods a year. I've been having these symptoms now since early 2013 (when I was 38/39) but I've also had a lot on my plate in that time. I've got two small children, both my parents have been ill, I do two jobs, my husband works funny hours so I have to pick up a lot of the slack at home, I wanted another baby but obviously it didn't happen and I've been coming to terms with that too... so could all this be stress? How do I know it's the menopause and if it is - what do I do about it? Or what can I expect the GP to do? Will HRT make me feel better?!

Sorry - bit of a brain dump there. I'm feeling quite desperate and I'm worried my kids are suffering because of my moods and inability to cope with anything at all.

PollyPerky Tue 08-Mar-16 11:11:26

You might like to think about joining the Daisy Network. It provides help and information for women like you who are having a premature menopause.

It does sound like prem meno and the medical advice is HRT.
Your GP is being negligent but it's not unusual. Daisy Network is possibly developing training for GPs I understand as too many women like you are being missed when they go for a diagnosis and treatment.

You need to insist you have HRT - see the link for info- and if your new GP won't help change your drs or ask to see a specialist. it's too important for your future health to ignore this.

lljkk Thu 10-Mar-16 13:48:32

Whether or not menopause is a factor, whether or not HRT might help, life style makes more & more difference as we get older. It sounds like, KB, you may not be looking after yourself. You know, the whole "Drink less Don't smoke Get exercise Eat Healthy Get Plenty of Sleep Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" set of actions. These are always worthwhile trying to do. Even small changes may help.

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