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Ovulation pain

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Mummytron Sat 20-Feb-16 21:36:29

Period tracker says I'm a day after ovulation and tonight i have pain in my ovaries, low down at the front. I've had a lower belly and back ache for a few days. I'm getting a bit worried it could be more serious. I'm peri x

PollyPerky Sun 21-Feb-16 08:55:20

TBH it doesn't sound connected to meno.
If you think it's connected to ovulation then it would be one side only.

Have you other symptoms? Is this the first time it's happened?

Sounds more like IBS.

If you are worried, see your GP maybe?

AuntieStella Sun 21-Feb-16 08:58:43

As you're worried, go to your GP.

The chances are that it's something and nothing, but you need to have it checked properly to establish that there is no underlying cause that requires treatment.

Mummytron Sun 21-Feb-16 16:15:44

I've had peri symptoms for over a year plus I have an auto immune disease so it's hard to work out what is what at the moment.
If I'm honest I've been worried about ovarian cancer but I tend to have anxiety.

PollyPerky Sun 21-Feb-16 17:17:40

Ovarian cancer tends not to show itself with pain- that's why it's often called 'the silent killer' because many women don't notice any symptoms at all until it's advanced.

The pains you describe sound nothing like the symptoms of cancer. Have a look at the charity site Ovacome and there is a tool you can use called BEAT where you can chart your symptoms to take it to your GP.

But please remember that OC is very rare anyway, it's even more rare for it to affect women under 50, so the chances of you having something so serious are remote.

Maybe you need to get more help for your anxiety?

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