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Peri menopause and the pill

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JapanNextYear Mon 08-Feb-16 09:09:36


I've been perimenopausal since about 37 - now 47. Was briefly on oral HRT early 40s but it didn't agree with me (v depressed) so switched to Qlaira an oral contraceptive, manages most of the symptoms.

My question is will this give me adequate protection against osteoporosis later on?

GP says I can stay on it till I'm 50 as long as its working for me. No family history of osteoporosis, do weight bearing exercise - eat a lot of dairy.

whatevva Mon 08-Feb-16 12:11:34

The above gives the amount of estrodiol valerate in hrt preparations, so you can compare. It looks very favourable. smile. I would stick with it while you can.

It may not be perfect, but hrt preparations aren't either.

Other pills are hard to compare as they have a strong synthetic oestrogen that is good at switching off ovulation, but may not act as well elsewhere, and they are not used in hrt. They also contain the lowest amount of oestrogen to achieve that job, rather than what you need.

(you need to make sure you have plenty sunlight/sardines/vitD3 as well)

PollyPerky Mon 08-Feb-16 12:21:05

Both the Daisy Network and the NICE Menopause Guidelines say that either HRT of the Pill will give bone protection.
The pill actually has higher levels of hormones.

I think your GP ought though to refer you for a DEXA bone scan so you have some idea of your base line and can monitor it every 2-3 years.

The thing is- if you have been peri since 37, how do you know where you are now? You won't know as you are on the Pill, so you won't know when your periods stopped. You might have been fully menopausal at 40 or before, or not until recently. More reason to have that scan!

JapanNextYear Mon 08-Feb-16 14:24:17

Good thought about the bone density scan - I do think I'm probably through it now - or getting there.

Really small bleed now and my mood has settled remarkably. And fewer night sweats.

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