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Perimenopause and GP very unhelpful

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FrameyMcFrame Sun 07-Feb-16 08:03:38

Recently had blood tests confirming I'm perimenopausal age 41, LH and FSH sky high...
Had bad palpitations and anxiety. So far I haven't had any HRT.

But last week I started getting severe pain in shoulder, knees and wrist. Went back to GP who took a blood test for arthritis and a few other things. It was all clear.

I asked if the joint pains could be to do with the perimenopause and she said no, there was no connection between joint pain and hormones.
I was like hmm are you sure? As I have read in a few places that it's a symptom... But no, she said it wasn't the case.

I'm left with no diagnosis. In loads of pain, it all started while I was having an incredibly heavy period that just wiped me out completely, falling asleep during the day and just feeling soooo tired.

I'm feeling pretty fed up, if the GP won't even recognise it may be hormonal, not sure where to go from here... I feel like I'm stuck in a nightmare.

Also, having real problems remembering words and getting stuck mid sentence. Bursting into tears/panic attacks etc.

REeally hoping to get any advice. I had 2 days off work last week, and can't really take any more time off, feel very unhappy and worried about the future.

I will post in health too in case any friendly mumsnetter GPs see it too.

nonamenopackdrill Sun 07-Feb-16 08:11:14

Is there any chance you can change your GP? It sounds like you are going through a lot at the moment, and so it would be good to get at the root cause. If not, then you will need to be persistent with her - go in with a list of your symptoms and ask for them to be investigated.

PollyPerky Sun 07-Feb-16 08:38:02

It might be worth reading the info on the Daisy Network site- charity set up by drs for women having premature and early meno which you are, at 41.

It's also worth reading (and printing off) the guidelines from NICE in their menopause guidelines published Nov 2015. There is a link to that on the Home page of The advice from NICE is that drs should prescribe HRT for women with early meno ( ie before 45) and the average age of meno is 52- so you are going to have low oestrogen for 10 years (with all the related risks of this in later life.)

You have several courses of action:
-Go back to your GP armed with info you have printed off the web and insist you need HRT
-Ask for a referral to a gynae who specialises in meno
-Ask for a referral to an NHS meno clinic (some regions have them but not all)
-Go and see a gynae privately- people here can recommend 'world class' meno experts though mainly in London.

PollyPerky Sun 07-Feb-16 09:10:38

This is from the Nice guidelines I linked to

If you scroll down to point 1.3.2 it says this

"1.3.2 Explain to women that as well as a change in their menstrual cycle they may experience a variety of symptoms associated with menopause, including:"

-vasomotor symptoms (for example, hot flushes and sweats)

-musculoskeletal symptoms (for example, joint and muscle pain)

-effects on mood (for example, low mood)

-urogenital symptoms (for example, vaginal dryness)

-sexual difficulties (for example, low sexual desire).

It's worth printing this off for your GP OR as the PP says, seeing someone else. You need to be assertive.

FrameyMcFrame Sun 07-Feb-16 09:39:50

Thank you so much for your replies.
I have printed out the nice guidelines and will make appointment with another GP in the practice
e tomorrow.

I will also ask for referral to meno clinic or specialist. Thanks for giving me some ways forward, I've got a plan now so feeling more hopeful altogether.

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