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Underarm odour?!!

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mincepieprivateeye Tue 02-Feb-16 22:02:52

Not something I've ever suffered with before BUT having night sweats for the last few weeks has brought it on and I'm struggling to get shut. No hot flushes during the day just at night, I'm showering in a morning and bathing in an evening, I shave underarm daily, always have and I use Mitchum roll on, I can't use sprays as they irritate. Tonight I had to use body wash twice plus soap to finally smell fresh blushblush my OH hasn't commented but it's really bugging me. Over the last two weeks it's been the same every day , I'm literally scrubbing under my arms with different body washes and soap and using lots of antiperspirant but every day is the same. I don't have a physical job and it makes no difference whether I eat spicy food of plain but the sniff is the same! Is this normal and what can I do? blush

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