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Heavy bleeding

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scottswede Sun 31-Jan-16 10:12:19

I'm 50, probably been perimenopausal for at least 2 years. Periods have been really irregular, 19-35 day cycles. Very light and short to very heavy and long.
Last 'period' was 21 days long and very heavy with clots, flooding, all the fun stuff really...... I was glad when it finally went. 12 days later I'm bleeding again, clots, flooding....
Should I investigate? Could it be fibroids?
I feel ok otherwise. Tired due to anemia, which I take iron supplements for, sore joints, but I've just been diagnosed with OA. I have tranexamic acid but don't feel I can take then for weeks at a time.
The bleeding is affecting my life, it dictates where I go and if I leave the house.
Anyone similar?

timelytess Sun 31-Jan-16 10:33:07

Get yourself checked out. Fairly soon.

scottswede Sun 31-Jan-16 12:02:25

Ok, that doesn't sound ominous at all timelesswink

timelytess Sun 31-Jan-16 14:11:20

grin Sorry! I've been neatened up internally recently and its changed my life for the better. Get down there and access the excellent help available in gynae!

stillstandingatthebusstop Sun 31-Jan-16 14:15:15

I have been having similar problems. Been to the GP twice - first time I got some progesterone tablets to stop the bleeding. I wasn't sure how to use them so I went back and saw another GP, she did an internal (incase it was a polyp on my cervix causing the bleeding - it wasn't). I have been referred for a non urgent ultrasound to look for fibroids and to get the dimensions of my womb (!?!) to see if I'm suitable for a Mirena coil. GP also gave me some advice about taking my tranexamic acid for longer. I'm going back in 10 days to talk about iron levels and get the results of the blood test I asked for. Medics haven't been worried but I have found the whole thing really stressful - I hate losing so much blood (how much can I afford to lose without it getting dangerous???)

AuntieStella Sun 31-Jan-16 14:26:44

Abattoir periods with clots are a classic symptom of adenomyosis.

Yes, you need a referral, because it's a diagnosis of exclusion so you need a scan and possibly bloods to rule out everything else, and to what your see uterus looks. Adenomyosis is like endometriosis, but it's where it grows in to the wall of the uterus not any other part of the abdomen it fancies (that might just be what they mean by "dimensions", stillstanding as they're looking for bulkiness).

It's benign, but incurable. It resolves itself as the menopause completes. There are a number of possible treatments that will relieve your symptoms considerably, but it seems common sense to me to know what you're treatin before you treat it.

Of course, it might be something completely different. But then again you'll need a gynae referral to find out what it is.

scottswede Mon 01-Feb-16 05:34:22

Thanks everyone. I had the Mirena coil in for a few years, then if 'fell' out. Exactly the same time my periods when nuts....
I will book an appointment at the gyny clinic. Just get it all out.. If I never had another period eeeeever again....what joy...Daydreams of running through a field in slow motion wearing white and sani pad freegrin

JapanNextYear Mon 01-Feb-16 11:42:35

Get some blood tests too, you might need some heavy duty iron! Low iron can also cause heavier bleeding so you end up in a bit of a cycle.

PollyPerky Mon 01-Feb-16 19:24:18

Heavy bleeding is usually a result of some cycles where they cycle is incomplete so the lining continues to build up and isn't shed. This can be due to high oestrogen levels and low progesterone in the 2nd half of the month.

It doesn't have to be something like adenomyosis. Also, 'clots' are sometimes blood that has 'pooled' in the vagina and started clotting , or lumps of the lining coming away. clots or tissue themselves are not dangerous but heavy blood loss can cause anemia.

The main sign of adenomyosis is excruciating period pain as the lining has overgrown into the muscle wall of the uterus and during a period the blood goes into the muscle which is painful.

Scots- try the Mirena again?

scottswede Tue 02-Feb-16 08:30:09

Thanks, I have absolutely no pain, which is probably one thing I am grateful for. I have an appointment next week with gynae.
I suppose they need to determine what the problem is before suggesting a solution. I really don't want the Mirena again. It was so painful getting it in I passed out, then I bled constantly for nearly a year, it fell out on it's own 3 years after that.
What other options are there for excessive bleeding? Is HRT an option? Can I take transxamic acid long term? I am having horrendous palpitations, and excruciating joint pain,but only some other low level symptoms, so I feel I shouldn't complain really, other than the bleeding. As I said before I'd be quite happy to have a hysterectomy. I'm 50 and perimenopausal anyway

stillstandingatthebusstop Tue 02-Feb-16 09:05:47

Let us know how you get on Scotts.
I don't know what the options (other than the Mirena coil) are either.
I'm impressed you got a gynae appointment - I don't think I'll be referred this time.

PollyPerky Tue 02-Feb-16 19:59:28

Heavy bleeding can be sorted with an endometrial emblation or perhaps HRT which might control it a bit. Ask to be referred to a specialist or pay for an appt to see one if you can.

scottswede Wed 10-Feb-16 12:50:40

Update on my gynae appointment.
I saw a really nice,helpful gynae who specialises in menopause.
He had a good look inside and my heavy bleeding is due to fibroids (my initial guess) had a chat and have been prescribed HRT.
1: to shrink the fibroids and 2: because i'm obviously showing menopausal symptoms shock
I have to go back for bloods in 21 days to check my FSH & TSH levels, thyroid, prolactin and oestradiol levels. We will then discuss what my options are.
I have a lovely scan picture of my fibroids and a number to call if I have any questions. confused
I am really happy, mainly because of all the bad press about GP's not listening, I thought I would give a happy positive story about getting someone to listen.....

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