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When do you use Estradiol ? Morning or night or both?

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EamonnHolmesisaPratt2 Mon 11-Jan-16 10:28:46

I was prescribed this by a private doctor and she said use morning and night which I have done with success. My GP is now asking why I don't just use it once a day in the morning? Just wondering what advice other have been given ? Thanks

PollyPerky Mon 11-Jan-16 11:22:23

what do you mean by estrodiol?

Estrodiol is the actual ingredient- what is the brand name of the product ? (makes a difference)

PollyPerky Mon 11-Jan-16 15:10:56

Do you mean Oestrogel ?

TBh it's up to you.

The instructions say apply once a day. But other people - some advised by consultants such as Prof Studd- split the dose into morning and evening.

There is no right and wrong- it's what gives you the best results.

The benefits of applying morning and evening / bedtime are that you will have a more constant level and avoid any of the possible side effects with one higher application.

It also depends what dose you use. If you use only 1 pump then it's almost impossible to apply half of that (twice a day.)

If you apply 2 pumps then that's one morning and one at bedtime.

If you apply 3 pumps then it's two for the morning and one for the evening (or vice versa).

Personally, I don't think a GP should contradict a consultant who prescribed the product unless they have a very good reason!

EamonnHolmesisaPratt2 Tue 12-Jan-16 20:37:28

Yes sorry I did mean Oestrogel.....thanks for your input. That is the impression i was under and she was quite specific about trying to be regular regards timing.

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