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Elleste solo

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starsister02 Thu 31-Dec-15 00:38:53

Hi ladies. Am new to mumsnet today. Just got elleste solo 40mg patches from my doc as I had a partial hysterectomy 10 years ago - still got ovaries but no womb so no periods. Lucky me..... I am only on day 7 but no effect at all as yet save I feel more sad than usual. Night sweats and sleeplessness killing me!!! Might have to give up my job it's so bad. I feel shattered ok the time and wake up 5-8 times a night. Can nyone tell me when these kick in?

PollyPerky Thu 31-Dec-15 07:33:17

It's just too soon really. Drs say give any HRT 3 months to see if it's working. It needs to build up in your system a bit . If you don't feel any better ask for a higher dose or maybe ask for Oestrogel which means you can adjust the dose yourself.

starsister02 Thu 31-Dec-15 11:51:20

Thanks for the reply. That makes sense. I remember the pill was the same, but just so frustrating reading of others who were great after a couple of days

Irenesdreamz65 Tue 12-Jan-16 14:44:53

Hi I'm on elleste solo 2mg just finished month supply had mirena coil fitted month ago.But this morning have started to bleed heavily .Has anyone else had same problem.

PollyPerky Tue 12-Jan-16 17:35:35

Maybe go back and discuss with your Dr? As far as I know, bleeding is quite normal with a coil until it all settles down. It is most likely your natural cycle breaking through unless you are very post menopause. Was this not discussed at the time? should have been!

Irenesdreamz65 Tue 12-Jan-16 17:47:01

I had marina Coil up until start last year had no problems before got it changed and my doctor replaced it wrong at same time going thro menopause and had to have both my ovaries out hospital suggested I'd get marina coil and also take elleste solo

PollyPerky Tue 12-Jan-16 19:39:53

TBH if you had a major operation 2 months ago and have been put on a new regime, you should talk to the consultant who did the op or your own GP. OR they should have talked to you about the possible changes.
I'm not a dr but what I'd assume, thinking about this, is that you are now taking 2mg oestrogen; this is possibly giving you more oestrogen than you had before your ovaries were removed (why were they removed?)

You are now on continuous regime HRT. Have a look at and read about different types of HRT. continuous HRT is well known for giving irregular bleeding for up to 6 months whether the progestogens used are oral or like yours, the Mirena coil.

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