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Does the combined pill mask ALL menopause symptoms

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ihateminecraft Sun 27-Dec-15 10:03:49

I'm 48 and on the combined pill (cilest). When I came off it for a while last year my periods were much closer together than when I last had natural periods and also very heavy so assumed perimenopause. I went back on the pill to lengthen my cycles. However, my withdrawal bleeds are still extremely heavy, although I do have fibroids. However, I've also started getting stiff legs. It's like I've done too much exercise and wears off once move around. Also get restless legs and a bit hot & sweaty at night.

So is it possible to have mild peri symptoms despite being on the pill?

Whatevva Mon 28-Dec-15 18:54:52

My periods reduced, I had dry bits, and night sweats on the pill the last four years. Also, a bit problem with oestrogen withdrawal headaches on the week off if I did not stay hydrated.

Good skin though smile.

Loads of periods when I came off it though sad

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