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5HTP help with sleep ?

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rainbowjoy Mon 07-Dec-15 17:35:50

I'm coping ok with most of the menopause symptoms but just struggling with sleep or staying asleep. On average wake at 1am, 3 am and then 5 if I'm lucky I can get back to sleep. I'm not feeling particularly sleep deprived during the day just tired. Has anyone tried 5-htp to help with sleep. I get very anxious about sleep and occasionally suffer insomnia if I'm not in my bed and routine. Im going on holiday soon and although am not a nervous flyer I really struggle to sleep the night before and the first couple of nights away which ruins the start of the holiday. I would like to hear anyone's experience of 5-htp both good or bad. Thanks

PollyPerky Tue 08-Dec-15 08:37:27

what is 5HTP? (saves me googling!)

LilyRose88 Fri 11-Dec-15 15:33:35

Weirdly I found that 5HTP stopped me from sleeping. It made me a bit hyper and twitchy and I think I got a mild dose of serotonin syndrome. I was fine when I stopped taking it. I have started taking Valerian at night and that has helped me a lot. You can buy it in Holland and Barrett but I got my from Amazon.

Ifiwasabadger Tue 15-Dec-15 07:14:09

i'm not menopausal but started on 5HTP for mood lifting about 3 weeks ago. the other day i realised that o've been sleeping so much better - the only thing that has changed in my life has been the 5HTP.

i've been a chronic insomniac for years - can't drop off, if i wake up, can't get back off....this has sorted that. so hopefully it could help you. good luck.

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