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Cervical Polyps

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oldmum22 Mon 23-Nov-15 17:15:08

Went to GP with dryness and bleeding after dtd. GP did an internal and it looks as if I have cervical polyps. She has referred me to our local Gynae. I cant take oral HRT due to a previous DVT and Factor V Leiden. I am hoping that the polyp will be removed (laser/scraping??) but do you think it would be worth asking if I could have topical HRT like Ovestin or Gynest?

PollyPerky Mon 23-Nov-15 17:55:46

Yes, in a word!

Don't suffer.

Vaginal HRT is not linked to side effects because it is so weak . ovestin is 0.1% and is not absorbed systemically. Hopefully they will be up to date on the advice which is it can be used indefinitely- not for just 3 months which was the old advice and has now changed.

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