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Cure for night sweats..

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deepie2 Thu 19-Nov-15 13:28:00


I know someone who is going through menopause and is currently suffering with night sweats. She cant go on HRT as breast cancer run in the family.. I have looked online for her and came across this
hormone-regulating herbs (for example, Macafem. Has this worked for anyone and also is there anything else out there that might help her?

I really appreciate any answers.

PollyPerky Thu 19-Nov-15 14:14:34

Has she been told by an expert on meno- a gynae- that she can't have HRT?

If her mother or sister had breast cancer at a young age then that is a factor for caution. But as 1:8 women will get breast cancer, HRT or no HRT, having someone in the family who's had it is not necessarily a reason not to use it.
It also depends on her age: HRt before the age of normal menopause- 51/52 doesn't 'count' as far as risks go.

There are loads of complementary things to try though there is no research showing they work. Nothing can regulate hormones except hormones!!!

herbs like black cohosh, red clover, sage and others might help but it's really a case of trial and error.

weebarra Thu 19-Nov-15 14:19:18

Even with herbal remedies she still needs to speak to someone. I can't take HRT as I've had breast cancer and surgically induced menopause (I'm 38) and I can't take a lot of the herbal remedies as they contain plant oestrogens.

80sWaistcoat Thu 19-Nov-15 14:26:14

If she can't take hormones whether plant based or otherwise (and agree she should talk advice!) - then environmental factors probably come into play.

Some people find cutting down on caffeine and alcohol helps - I'm not sure it does for me.

What has helped for me is a wool duvet (some people swear by silk) - it wicks away the sweat so it's not so uncomfortable at night and I don't wake up freezing like I used to, pjs by the bed to put on if I do wake up soaking and cold and a towel to put under me so its not so uncomfortable. A glass of water to re-hydrate and a spare pillow...

For those who can take hormones of whatever kind - HRT has helped as has menopace.

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