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4 weeks post hysterectomy and still feel really poorly, advice please

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ilovewelshrarebit123 Mon 16-Nov-15 03:08:20

I'm 46 and I had a total abdominal hysterectomy (including ovaries) four weeks ago. The op was complicated by undiagnosed endo when the surgeon went in and he said it was a difficult op.

I felt terrible afterwards and had to stay in hospital for three extra days and I also got some kind of infection (consultant couldn't get to the bottom of what it was) and was treated with IV antibiotics.

I'm now on my third set of antibiotics for a suspected chest infection, I've also had a wound infection and tablets when I left hospital.

I expected to feel much better than I do. I'm not sleeping, having night sweats, joint pain, shivers, hot flushes etc. I also spent 7 hours in A&E with suspected blood clot, but thankfully it wasn't. I know its the menopause but I've not started my HRT yet. I was told to wait as I wasn't mobile enough due to the risk of DVT.

I've got Progynova here and I want to start it as I feel so poorly. Is four weeks post-op safe now, I'm up and about, walking DD to school and generally pottering around.

Or am I expecting too much and what I'm experiencing is normal. Should I hold off the HRT until I see consultant on 7/12 (not sure I can cope until then though)!

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Mon 16-Nov-15 13:11:35

Sorry can't give advice on the HRT, but I am not surprised you feel so rough. You have had major adominal surgery and infections and antibiotics can make you feel awful too ( breast abscess and 12 weeks of antibiotics!) and to top that you have been thrown into full menopause.
Can you ring consultants secretary and ask about starting the HRT before you see him?
It is good you are getting out and about, but do not overdo it.

UsernameIncorrect Mon 16-Nov-15 13:14:23

You wouldn't be recovered from 'just' the hysterectomy yet, never mind all the rest you have to contend with. Go easy on yourself.

PollyPerky Mon 16-Nov-15 16:42:16

Poor you. Have you not been given any info from the hospital about what to do with the HRT? Surely they have not just sent you home with no guidance about when to start it?

TBH, tablets are the highest risk for blood clots and even without having the operation you would be better off using patches or gel. I really don't know why drs keep giving women tablets when it's been proved beyond any doubt whatsoever that patches or gel are safer and do not increase risks of clots.

You must contact your GP and ask about this - don't be fobbed off- it's your health.

Hope you feel better soon- you have been through the mill and it will take a good 6 months to feel over a major op.

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