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help I'm worried this isn't perimenopause

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twolittlekings Sun 08-Nov-15 07:30:47

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone might be able to give me some reassurance about some symptoms I'm experiencing. I'm now panicking that I should have had investigations sooner and this is not just natural changes with age.

I'm just 46 and in October 2013 I had an ovarian fibroma removed along with my right ovary. My periods went back pretty quickly to every 28 days. They have been heavy for years and last around 5-7 days.

In the last 9 months however my periods have changed and I am now getting worried that perhaps this is not peri menopause. Now about 5 days before my period starts like clockwork I get a bit of bloody discharge that warns me my period is on its way. It's only a tiny amount and not enough to warrant wearing a big pad. I will wear a liner but often after this one amount there's nothing until the period appears. It then lasts mainly the usual length period but on occasion can tail off making me think its gone and then a day later come back with a vengeance for another few days meaning it can he nearer 8 days before I don't have any bleeding at all.Also saying goodbye to it seems a longer faff with some bloody discharge at the end rather than it just stopping.

Then 21 - 23 days later the tiny amount if discharge appears and the whole thing starts again.

In addition to this I have twitches (fasciculations) which have been going on all over my body for 3 years. They have been checked neurologically but I have been getting these fluttering in my stomach now like a baby is tickling my inside for around 9 months and im not pregnant! I read it might be gluten and quite common as tgere are loads of forum chats about it but but I'm not intolerant as far as I'm aware. It could also be part of my twitching but I'm now freaking out its a sign of something sinister like cancer.My periods are like bloodbaths but have been since having kids so nothing new there. Will often flood and are quite frankly horrific.

I have also put on weight around my stomach but I have all over not just my tummy and I don't get pain or feeling full or increased urination etc.

I mentioned all this to gp a while ago and he wasn't too concerned but now this appears the norm not a one off so perhaps I should get investigations?

GP checked by hormones a few months back (fhs levels normal) and he says I'm not perimenopasusal. Do you think I need to worry or is this peri menopause as I've read the tests for hormones are quite inaccurate. Should I get an ultrasound?

Having only one ovary I'm thinking could it be that it's taking the strain and starting peri early? I've no idea when mum started menopause as she's not here to ask.

I'm terrified now I've got cancer. I'm uptodate on my smear and when I had the lap they had a good look round inside but that was 2 years ago. I was reading an article about perimenopause and it says ho to your gp if your periods are closer together, last longer and are very heavy!!!! I'm all of these.

Any advice gratefully received as I'm getting anxious and will be going but would appreciate any reassurance. Sorry about the essay!

Thanks so much

PollyPerky Sun 08-Nov-15 08:59:14

sorry you are so worried but tbh it sounds very normal for perimeno.
Basically your main symptoms seems to be a shorter cycle where you start to bleed around day 21 of a cycle before the flow starts properly. This is just showing you that you have a shorter cycle often caused by low progesterone levels in the 2nd half of a cycle sometimes due to not ovulating. I had a friend who had constant spotting with peri meno and the treatment was the mini pill which is progesterone only.
The new NICE guidelines which came out June this year say drs ought not to do blood tests on women 45+ for meno as the test are not accurate. They only show your hormones on that day- might be different a few days later. Putting on weight is a sign of peri meno too but the only answer there isles food and more exercise smile I do think you ought to push your GP for a scan though just to check things out- might be a large fibroid or something.

twolittlekings Mon 09-Nov-15 00:00:06

Thanks for your reply. I'm just worried because I've let it drift on for a while and terrified it's something more sinister. I suppose as I've only got one ovary I thought perhaps it was making me go into menopause early but now I'm worried. I am going to go back to my original gynae that removed the ovary and see what he says. X

twolittlekings Mon 09-Nov-15 18:00:02

I went to see the GP today and he's not worried. Apparently what I've described is peri and my blood shows peri not meno. Ah well it had to happen sometime. I'm still going to see another doc for smear and possible scan but he's not worried at all. It's what you said - low progesterone can cause the pre and post spotting plus the dip in the middle. Thanks again x

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