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Perimenopause - Being on pill

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Cheshire1996 Fri 30-Oct-15 14:33:26

I had a blood test over six months ago which said l was borderline for Perimenopause, l'm 47. My periods have been light, nearly non existent. A couple of months ago l carried on taking the pill to skip a period and when l did have one didn't have anything much but did spot mid cycle. This month didn't have period until day before starting pill (mercilon) again nothing much but have been spotting for the last 10 days. Just seen Doctor who took some samples and said it was abnormal to spot while on pill, he's going to speak to gynae team next week and probably refer me to them. Had ct and Mri about six months ago for bloating, urinary problems, but they said it was bacterial infection in gut, would it have shown something up?

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