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HRT.....thank goodness!

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Eilo999 Sun 25-Oct-15 09:36:49

Early monopause hit @ 39...I was devastated....felt my body had let me down and I was so ashamed to even tell anyone.... I have even had incidents where some in the medical profession have been so surprised at my young age and their declaration of shock I felt humiliated.

Having 'suffered it' for a few years I decided it was time to be kind to myself and to see if I could make my life better .... Interruptions to sleep due to night sweats, tiredness, crankiness ( I would look at my husband with utter disdain and wonder why I ever married him) , snapping at my kids, just generally quite miserable with everything getting on top of me.

1 year on HRT and I am so happy I decided to go on HRT. As my menopause progresses and I feel the symptoms creep back (as my ovaries shrivel further) , my GP and I review my meds and up the dose....

I wanted to share my story as it is positive...menopause is a bitch, but it's not beating me down any more !

HRT is helping me regain balance...... I just need to dig deep and find the libido which was once so very strong and which has now disappeared.....sad to think at 44 that the thoughts of a 'quickie' puts me into a cold sweat ??

Bellaciao Mon 26-Oct-15 17:26:11

Sorry to hear about the early meno Eilo999 but good that you're on HRT which is advised at your young age to protect heart and bones and general health. What type/brand/dose of HRT are you on? Is it the no-bleed type? The continuous progestogen that these contain can have continuous side effects of which reduced libido is one - especially with the synthetic progestogens.

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