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Period whilst taking HRT ?

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Tillyboo Sun 27-Sep-15 00:04:42

Hi, I started HRT a few months back and things haven't gone too well in terms of the fact that after a month I get a period. I hadn't had a period for a year and the hot flushes got too much. So my GP put me on elleste duet conti. Because I had a bleed (like a proper period with period pains) my GP changed me onto Kliovance which is a lower mg. But after a month of taking this HRT, I've had a period again. My GP said we have one more shot at trying a different HRT and if the same happens then I've basically got to suck it up and deal with hot flushes.
Apart from anything else I'm worried as to why I'm having a bleed ? Is this normal ? I have a fibroid and when measured (about 18 months ago) was about 3cm and the consultant didn't think an issue. I'm 52 next week and about 2st overweight (since my hormones went bonkers ! ) I have NO metabolism.
Help ?

Tillyboo Sun 27-Sep-15 00:08:59

Forgot to add, I've only been on HRT for almost 3 months

pinkfrocks Sun 27-Sep-15 16:45:18

Conti HRT is infamous for causing odd bleeding in the first 6 months.
You don't have to use conti - even post menopause. I have used sequi HRT for years despite being post meno and have a cycle because the research I've investigated and discussed with my consultant appears to show fewer risks with the less progesterone you use (so I won't take it daily.)

You have various options including the Mirena with a separate oestrogen, or sequi HRT , so don't give up yet.

I don't think you ought to change again yet- give it time.

Tillyboo Sun 27-Sep-15 22:05:51

Thank you pinkfrocks - I just need to know nothing untoward is going on so will try & get a GP appoint this week

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