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Has anyone lost weight in their fifties?

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WhoAteMyToast Thu 17-Sep-15 11:32:45

Think I am peri-menopausal - do I have any hope of losing a stone? I am at the top end of normal in terms of BMI (ie not overweight, but hate being this weight).

I exercise, walk a lot, but don't have much time for more exercise.

pinkfrocks Thu 17-Sep-15 14:57:45

why do you think you can't lose weight in your 50s?
It might be a bit harder because our metabolism slow down, but it's certainly possible! And also desirable as being overweight is a risk factor for many diseases, including breast cancer. Good luck!

Exercise alone won't shift weight in most people if you overeat at the same time, so best to go for a healthy diet with loads of fruit, veg, lean protein and not many carbs or sugar.

Bellaciao Fri 18-Sep-15 15:55:07

I lost weight in my 50's - I have a continual battle to keep my weight within normal limits but I am very strict with exercise regime and diet so yes you should be able to lose a stone by changing what you eat and exercising more - very important as pinkfrocks says as we become menopausal because metabolism slows down, we lose muscle, fat distribution changes etc. Walking should help build muscle in your legs. Maybe you can get some light weights and do some exercises in the evening to tone your arms eg if you watch TV? Building muscle will speed your metabolism.

Have you had a blood test to check thyroid is working OK - this can cause weight gain if it becomes underactive which can also happen around menopausal years?

As pf says - you need to really look at your diet and see where you can save some calories.

cashewnutty Fri 18-Sep-15 15:57:28

I am in my 50's and really struggling with weight loss. I am 13 st and would like to be 11 st. I have resumed swimming and i walk the dog. I find i can log food on mfp for a week or two and then go off the boil as any loss is so tiny and is easily put back on. It was so much easier when i was younger!

Rozalia Fri 18-Sep-15 15:58:47

I'm well into my 50s and this year have lost over 20 lb, using my fitness pal. My BMI is now well within normal.

niminypiminy Fri 18-Sep-15 16:06:26

Yep, I'm in my 50s and have lost 2 stone this year using 5:2, and my bmi is now right in the middle of normal. I've never seriously tried to lose weight before, and though I won't say it was fun 100% of the time, it wasn't that difficult.

Bellaciao Fri 18-Sep-15 16:12:31

Just to add also that weight loss does need to be a little at a time - no more than 1-2 pounds a week (unless you are very overweight). It's easier to lose weight if you are more overweight too. cashewnutty - the change in dietary habits has to be permanent! I have done this - you get used to eating different sorts of foods and hardly any sugar/carbs/fat and limiting alcohol. Also cashew nuts are very high in calories as are all nuts smile. I love them too! I can't cope with the 5:2 because I get too hungry and low blood sugar but my daughter did well on it.

Rozalia Fri 18-Sep-15 21:53:24

It's incremental, 1lb a week soon adds up. I realised I needed to re-educate myself about food, change my whole attitude and appetites. It hasn't been too hard, I enjoy eating healthier and I really enjoy being 20lbs lighter. I'm planning to keep using my fitness pal for now to maintain my weight. I had to think of this as a permanent change.

WhoAteMyToast Sat 19-Sep-15 12:53:56

Thanks everyone.

The problem is, I already do the weights etc. I go to the gym (though less so recently), I walk an awful lot, I walk up hills. I don't eat huge amounts though am partial to wine out with friends. I don't eat cakes and biscuits/pies/pastries/crisps very often in the first place. There's not much to cut back on. I think I wrecked my metabolism in my twenties and thirties as I liked being very slim (though I did exercise then too).

Has anyone lost other than through 5:2? niminypiminy? Rozalia - when using MFP, did you cut carbs, or concentrate purely on calories?

I'm pretty sure thyroid is OK.

pinkfrocks Sat 19-Sep-15 15:38:09

Wine is high in calories.
Might be worth posting- if you feel able to- what a normal day's food for you is- so we can offer ideas? Worth thinking about portion size as well.

Just as an example, my normal day to day food intake is along these lines:

-brekkie- boiled egg, 1 piece toast or 2 scrambled eggs/ poached on 1 slice toast
-lunch- salad with veg and tuna or prawns or cold meat or tinned sardines, piece of fruit, or a small avocado, or a bowl of soup (about half those plastic pots of fresh soup) instead of the salad
-dinner - usually fish ( only eat red meat about once a fortnight), or roast / cold chicken with veg or salad, rarely potatoes (but will have sweet potatoes). Make the occasional shepherds pie, fish pie, lamb chops. Pudding is always greek yoghurt and fresh fruit.

My weakness is snacking so if I must, I eat a couple of oatcakes or a small amount of full fat greek yoghurt or some fruit.

We might have a 'treat' such as a pudding or a cake about once a week or less.

UnexpectedItemInShaggingArea Sat 19-Sep-15 15:59:32

I'm early 40s but low carbing was a revelation to me re weight...

Rozalia Sat 19-Sep-15 20:10:00

I concentrated on calories, but as I wanted to eat a reasonable amount it sorted itself out into lower carb anyway. Typical day:

Breakfast, porridge with semi skimmed milk, 80 gm frozen fruit stirred in, cinnamon on top. Coffee

Lunch, sandwich, wholemeal bread, low(er) fat cheese or lean meat, salad veg from the garden - tomatoes, various leafy greens. Coffee.

Dinner. Baked fish, variety of veg from garden, new potatoes, runners, tomatoes, broad beans, onion. Whatever's in season, potatoes, tomatoes, onions baked alongside fish.
If I'm really knackered, a couple of eggs on toast. Poached.

No snacks really, maybe an apple or a couple of oatcakes.

I usually walk 4-5 miles a night with the dog. Use Endomondo app on my phone to track distance and calories burned. I'm walking in the woods and it's a great de-stresser after work.

It's worked for me. 20lb off and it just feels like normal life, not depriving myself. My fitness pal is good because it helps you get your portion sizes down. You realise just how much you were eating and how much exercise it will take to burn it off.

So although I'm mid fifties and peri menopausal in feel and look better than I have in years.

TwoTonTessie Sat 19-Sep-15 20:46:04

I am menopausal (on HRT) and was about 3 stone overweight. I joined Slimming World 10 weeks ago and have lost almost 2 stone. Have simply reduced portion sizes,stopped eating bread,cakes,sweets etc and eat more fruit and veg. I walked a fair bit anyway so haven't increased the exercise that I do. Like Rozalia it has just become a natural way of life now.
I do find that the weekly weigh in at club keeps me motivated and on track.

ApplesinmyPocket Sat 19-Sep-15 21:41:00

In addition to the good tips from everyone else, I've found there are quite a few savings to be made on drinks - not just cutting out alcohol except for special occasions, but also the calories that can creep in via soft drinks and milk in hot drinks. I'm now used to drinking only sparkling water with lots of ice - I really enjoy this now - and drink tea without milk - Earl Grey's my favourite but there are lots of interesting flavoured teabags about now - some of the fruit ones I find rather sour, but there are lots to try.

Rozalia Sat 19-Sep-15 23:06:30

I used to drink lattes if I had coffee out or at work, but switched to filtered coffee. That probably added up to,a lot of calories over a week.
I also gave up fruit juice, but I didn't drink much of that anyway.

pinkfrocks Sun 20-Sep-15 09:03:15

For me, low carbs works best. I make it a 'rule' not to have carbs more than twice a day, and usually once only. So if I have toast for breakfast, I will have either potatoes or rice or some other form of carb that day but not carbs at every meal. If I make a sandwich for lunch I'll have it open with 1 slice of bread, not two. I've pretty much given up pasta as it's empty calories really. I do make an effort to eat good fats and will have a daily avocado, oily fish twice a week, walnuts and almonds ( small amount) as a snack, and olive oil on salads.

pinkfrocks Sun 20-Sep-15 09:19:40

The other thing OP is portion size. Be aware of what has high calories - for example, a piece of cheese might be a healthy-ish option in a sandwich or with salad, but cheese is very high in calories - even a small matchbox sized piece is calorie-heavy. Dressings like mayo or some sauces can really pile on the weight in a way you don't expect.

Rozalia Sun 20-Sep-15 10:04:22

There are dozens of small ways to cut out extra calories. My typical day might look a bit carb heavy - porridge, bread, potatoes. But it's still worked for me, probably because I was using my fitness pal so could see the overall effect. I still cut out loads of carbs, no more pasta or rice or chocolate or biscuits. I also don't use sauces or dressings. Maybe a slosh of balsamic vinegar on salad leaves rather than an oily dressing.

I'm also pretty active, walking miles a week and I do a lot of gardening. Not a bit of light pruning but digging, turning huge compost piles and the like. I have actually done little exercise in the form of gym machines, although we have a few bits of equipment at home. I find them boring and a chore. I've found a way of eating and exercise that enhances my life and works for me.

WhoAteMyToast Fri 25-Sep-15 23:08:17

Thanks everyone smile

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