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Period lasting 2 weeks - normal menopausal symptom?

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JeremyCorbynsStylist Wed 16-Sep-15 13:47:12

1st week a lot heavier than usual & 2nd week a bit lighter but still getting through 2 pads in 8 hours - is this normal?
I'm late 40's.
Thank you.

Bluebell66 Wed 16-Sep-15 14:30:04

I went to my GP on Monday Jeremy about a similar thing. I'm 49 and my last period dragged on for 2 and a half weeks. He said it was nothing to worry about, you can get all sorts of variations at this stage. He said the only thing you should be concerned about is bleeding IN BETWEEN periods. That should be looked into by your doctor. Hope this helps.

JeremyCorbynsStylist Wed 16-Sep-15 15:48:27

Thank you so much Bluebell for the reassurance - I was getting a bit worried so you've really put my mind at rest.
Thank you again.

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